Republican Senator is a Traitor. No One Could Be This Stupid

ELDER PATRIOT – Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse was apparently trying to score points with CNN’s Jake Tapper during an appearance on Tapper’s State of the Union show on Sunday.

Sasse accused President Trump of “weaponizing distrust” because it might harm the freedoms that define a democracy.  Did Sasse suddenly awaken from a multiple decades long coma or what?

How else could he make such a ridiculous charge against a president who’s been in office for slightly more than five months?

Isn’t he aware of the MSM’s support for LBJ’s massive buildup in Viet Nam that the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara admitted on his deathbed LBJ was not committed to winning.  The result was a long drawn out war that resulted in at least 1,353,000 deaths including 282,000 young Americans.

That was weaponizing the trust the people had in the MSM!

Is he oblivious to the fact that the MSM sounded the drumbeat for invading Iraq justified by their claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction?  No WMD’s were ever found but it has morphed into America’s longest running war with more than a million dead Iraqis and tens of thousands of dead and maimed U.S. servicemen and women. 

That was weaponizing distrust!

Is he unaware of the MSM’s sympathetic excuses for Black lives Matter, La Raza, et al?  Murders, rapes, riots and every other form of violence and property destruction directed at innocent citizens and police officers were excused in the name of social justice. 

That was weaponizing distrust!

Has he slept through the incendiary charges leveled against Republicans, rationalized for us by the MSM, that has swayed public opinion away from capitalism and towards Marxism the jack-booted government control that accompanies it? 

That was weaponizing distrust!

Unlike Sasse, President Trump recognizes the real threat to the freedoms that define our democracy comes from the MSM that has been weaponizing the trust placed in them since the CIA first learned how many “idealistic journalists” were willing to accept money to alter their reporting.

If Sasse doesn’t want to admit that the MSM media has misused the trust vested in them by the First Amendment then it’s time the good people of Nebraska call him home. 

President Trump is fighting to Make American Great Again.  The MSM is the voice of the resistance.  Why?  And, why are RINO’s like Senator Sasse giving our enemy ammunition instead of telling them they earned every last ounce of distrust?