Rep. Jim Jordan Questions President Trump’s Point Man on Ukraine – Completely Eviscerates Schiff Impeachment Narrative

Ambassador Kurt Volker was President Trump’s point man on all things Ukraine.  This angered the butthurt careerists who have inflated opinions of their role in guiding U.S. foreign policy.  

To date, these hearings have shown Alexander Vindman to be the one person to have the most inflated opinion of himself and his role compared to any of the other butthurt bureaucrats who were essentially cut out of the process.

President Trump had promised to strengthen our foreign policy.  With respect to Ukraine that included supplying them with lethal aid in the form of Javelin anti-tank busters, not blankets.  

Trump appointed Kurt Volker as his Special Envoy to Ukraine.  Volker has had a distinguished career that includes Senate confirmation.  

Career bureaucrats, whose feelings were hurt when Trump bypassed their feckless policy recommendations, insist this represents an ‘irregular channel.’  

Here’s what irregular channels really are – candidate Obama and Iran (2008) and John Kerry’s continued flirtations with Iran after Trump became president. 

By comparison, Volker was working for the sitting president and working to find common ground – or create it where and when necessary – in order to bring President Trump and President Zelenskyy together.

After the Trump-Zelensky call, Volker arranged a series of meetings and diplomatic contacts with President Zelensky and U.S. officials.

Volker brought together people whose opinions he was confident President Trump would respect.  Volker’s hard work and political acumen paid off.  

President Trump can away comfortable that President Zelenskyy was indeed an anti-corruption reformer he could work with and the U.S-Ukraine relationship was renewed.

Volker did his job… well.  Ukraine got the Javelins… for the third consecutive year.