Redpilled: Once You See It You Can’t Unsee It

Elder Patriot – I had a conversation with a fraternity brother of nearly five decades this afternoon.  It drove home just how successful the disinformation campaign waged by mainstream media has been.  And, how isolated those of us on the front lines of this information war sometimes feel.

My friend had attempted to email me a disinformation video that contended our websites peddled Fake News.  He tried four times and each attempt failed to find my inbox.

He couldn’t understand what was going on.  I tried explaining to him how people who endeavor to awaken the world to the threat of the New World Order have become victims of information warfare and that those who controlled the internet have a massive technical advantage.

He asked if the video was accurate in labeling our attempt to wake the public as more the work of conspiracy theorists.

My first response was to ask him if he meant like those who accused us of being conspiracy theorists after we questioned the lone gunman findings of the Warren Commission?

After the Zapruder video surfaced we were told not to believe our own eyes:

It’s no longer necessary to deny they involvement of the second shooter because, late last year, President Trump declassified the files that acknowledged his presence.

I admitted that we look at the facts as they become evident and draw our own conclusions from them oft times rejecting the official narrative.

I asked him why he would trust official narratives that have convinced (brainwashed?) large numbers of Americans into burdening their children with $21T in debt, sending those same children to be mutilated in war defending the interests of multinational corporations, accepted that 9/11 was solely the work of terrorists and then allowed the government to eviscerate our Fourth Amendment protections ostensibly to protect us from ourselves and not the terrorists, to swallow the mantra of “Too Big to Fail” and bail out the very companies that screwed us, to allow their elected leaders to spend their tax dollars without any accountability or even a budget, and tolerate open borders and Antifa, before I paused.

I tried explaining that once you’ve seen things the way that I’ve seen things, there is no way to ever unsee them.

This friend is no left wing progressive, either.  In the last election he voted straight Republican.  Still, he just couldn’t allow himself to grasp the depth of the information war that was being waged against patriots who are striving to warn the public.

Another friend of nearly 50 years can’t understand how our once thriving websites had been reduced to generating only 5% or less of the traffic that it used to before Obama had a little talk with Zuck..  He has a thriving CPA practice and simply can’t fathom why any corporation would walk away from business.

Is it a conspiracy theory to believe Facebook may merely be investing in future access to far larger markets in return for proving its willingness to censor the dissent of the anti-Globalist community in the United States.

How else to explain Facebook management’s willing acceptance of the 40% diminishment in market cap following the purge and throttling of Conservative pages?

What explanations do you come up with.

Is China dangling a golden carrot in front of Facebook in order to garner an advantage in its was against President Trump and his demand for a level playing field when it comes to trade?

Why is banning Alex Jones and Laura Loomer, among thousands of others, so important to them.  Are they preparing gulags for the rest of us?

Could we be wrong?  Maybe, but the facts more support our theories that “conspiracies” exist favoring the growth of larger and more intrusive government and multinational corporations, than any facts Robert Mueller has produced to support the theory that President Trump colluded with Russia.

The first American revolution was fought against a bigger, more powerful army.  But, it was waged on our turf. This is not that. I pray for all of us.