The Real Reason Behind Waters and the Dems’ Jihad Against President Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Maxine Water recently told a town hall gathering that she is “coming for Donald Trump.”

That’s a bold assertion in light of the fact that the, “Russia-Trump collusion” narrative she is relying on to prop up her feigned outrage has already been debunked by her state’s senior U.S. Senator, Diane Feinstein.  Feinstein is a Democrat who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. 

This leaves Waters’ obsession bordering on psychosis but virtually every Democrat continues to echoes her sentiments, albeit using a more deliberative tone.  Why do they continue pounding this accusation when the man they have suddenly fallen in love with, deposed F.B.I. Director, James Comey said there was no ongoing investigations into President Trump?

The reason is self-preservation.  While the F.B.I. is charged with prosecuting corporate and governmental corruption, under Comey’s tenure it ignored or alibied for politicians who violated their fiduciary responsibilities when it came to protecting and defending American taxpayers.

Let’s make it simple.  Government is big business.  In fact with $3.5 trillion in annual revenue and the ability to borrow money at will, government is the biggest of businesses.  With all that money under the control of only 535 congressmen and senators there’s ample opportunity to divert tens of billions of dollars without detection.  Heck, even $35 billion is only one percent of total revenue, an amount that’s easy to obscure.

The more money flowing into government agencies, the more politicians get to divert into schemes that enrich themselves and their associates at the expense of the taxpayers.   

Of course that requires the police to look the other way.  And, James Comey was more than happy to do that.  Comey thought he had traded his integrity for job security.

Unfortunately, for Waters and the Democrats, who had grown increasingly more brazen in use of government programs to fill their pockets as well as those of their family and friends, Donald Trump got elected. 

Trump’s promise to “Drain the Swamp” resonated with voters who had grown disgusted with expanded government spending (and taxes) that failed to yield the results that they had been promised.

Everything from entitlements to defense had been turned into cash flow cows for corrupt politicians and Republicans were not exempt, though they were usually subtler and not as aggressive in demanding their “piece of the pie.”

Despite their best efforts, including those of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump was elected.  Trump’s promise to end corruption threatens the very reason these politicos work so hard to raise millions of dollars to get elected to a job that pays less than $194,000 yearly, and come with term limits. 

Since Donald Trump got to town, dirty D.C. politicians became desperate to save their bacon (and their illicit schemes) and they resorted to the Clinton’s strategy of discrediting and demonizing the investigator(s). 

Suddenly, formerly highly respected Jeff Sessions has become a racist and a Russian conspirator.  Likewise with President Trump.  Remember Ken Starr was labeled a sex-obsessed prosecutor when in actuality he was investigating a sex-obsessed president. 

The effectiveness of this strategy led to Democrats’ increasing reliance on the politics of personal destruction to remain relevant after their socialist agenda became indefensible.

The assault on Ken Starr is enlightening because of the way the mainstream media assisted President Clinton in deflecting the charges against him onto the person running the investigation.

This brings us back to Maxine Waters who spent her entire career coddling the Russians with everything from calling for reduced military spending to applauding and defending Hillary Clinton’s inarguably anti-American handling of Russia that includes Clinton’s “Russian Reset” policy (that Hillary admitted on Russian state TV was intended to strengthen Russia,) selling off one-fifth of our country’s uranium to Russian companies, to the paid speeches she made in Russia and other paid deals as well as getting personal calls from Vladimir Putin.

Mad Max defended every aspect of Clinton’s handling of Russia.  It’s hard to fathom what more she could’ve done had she been paid directly by Putin.

Mad Max may or may not be a self-hating Black but at the very least she is a poverty pimp and in her world that makes her a racist.  Despite copious amounts of entitlement funding disproportionately directed towards her district, her constituents in South Central LA who continue living in squalor. 

The parts of Maxine’s district where her most ardent supporters live resemble a third world nation despite receiving billions of dollars in funding to improve conditions from the treasury of the “richest country” on earth.

Where does all of that government funding, earmarked for that district, end up?  It surely hasn’t improved the lives of the residents of her district that she has represented in one form or another for the 37 years of her public disservice. 

Water’s combined abuse of her constituents and the American taxpayer is an example of the way that an overwhelming percentage of our elected D.C. representatives do business.

If President Trump can find the right person to lead the F.B.I., and Senate Republicans confirm that person, Dirty Maxine and her co-conspirators in Congress will be held to account.

Just as important, the politics of personal destruction will finally fall to the rule of law.