Rashida Tlaib: The Other Radical Palestinian Muslim Democrat Social Activist With a “Misplaced” Agenda – Part One

Elder Patriot – In this multi-part series we’ll examine Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s radical, pro-Islamic agenda, and something else she shares with Rep. Ilhan Omar, and her apparent disregard for U.S. and Michigan law.

In August of 2016, while then-candidate Donald Trump was giving a speech to the Detroit Economic Club, Tlaib who was then a Michigan state representative had to be forcibly removed from the event after she disrupted the future president.

The Detroit Economic Club is the typically buttoned-down business crowd of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders – the job creators who were trying to find ways to reverse the job losses that had ravaged their community over the past decade.

Admission to this event was a member only event which means that Rep. Tlaib and her fellow protestors should’ve respected the members’ right to hear the future president and conducted their protest outside the front doors.

Detroit Economic Club president Beth Chappell echoed that sentiment

“We respect the right of free speech and the right to protest, but in an appropriate way and not inside a DEC meeting.  Detroit was in the international spotlight yesterday and a knucklehead disrupts an historic speech? This is not reflective of our club or our city.”

Regardless, it’s what Tlaib said to justify her disruptive behavior that should be disqualifying:

She screamed that those listening to one of America’s most successful real estate developers’ plans for revitalizing the U.S. economy were crazy.

State Rep. Rashida Tlaib was quoted in a Detroit Free Press piece on the incident explaining why she thought her actions were appropriate:

“We need to be heard … you cannot stay silent. He doesn’t love Detroit. He doesn’t love no one who isn’t Donald Trump.”

Keeping in mind that this was an economic summit, how has President Trump done in the two-and-a-half years since he took the helm of the economy?

Trumponomics: Dow Soars Past 27,000 Economic Revival Helping Minorities Most – Half of All New Jobs Go to Blacks and Hispanics

Do you remember this promise candidate Trump made to a group of minority Michiganders on the same trip:

Six million new jobs have been created.  Half of those new jobs have gone to minorities even though they comprise only 38% of the population.  

And more than half of those new jobs have been filled by women even though many women choose to eschew working in order to raise their families..

Tlaib was wrong about Trump.  His economic policies have lifted members of every U.S. demographic in levels not seen since Ronald Reagan was president.

Certainly she realizes that without economic growth, every one of the costly programs she espouses – the Green New Deal, free college, a living wage to every American whether they have a job or not, free healthcare, etc. – would be impossible to afford.

But rather than apologize, or at least restraining her penchant for trashing this president, she brazenly declared her intentions on the morning of her 2018 swearing in: 

Does she want to bankrupt the United States?  As we explore Rashida Tlaib’s history, you may come to the conclusion that she does.

Remind your liberal friends of this when they say President Trump initiated this feud.