Radio Free Asia: Chinese Burned Coronavirus Victims Alive

We first heard these reports more than a month ago but couldn’t independently confirm them.  

(Breitbart) Locals in Wuhan, where the Chinese coronavirus pandemic originated, have heard screams coming from funeral home furnaces, and some treated in hospitals say they saw workers put living coronavirus patients in body bags, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on Monday.

RFA noted that it could not independently verify that the Chinese Communist Party was burning coronavirus patients alive, nor has the Communist Party confirmed or denied the rumors. Yet the rumors persist that, to make room for new patients in Wuhan’s overcrowded hospitals, medical staff chose older patients less likely to survive the infection and shipped them to incinerators while they were still alive and conscious.

Does anyone really believe that the directors of every funeral home would all decide to incinerate live humans… in some cases likely their neighbors… in unison if the CCP hadn’t ordered them to?

Officially Chinese Communist Party has admitted 82,718 cases of coronavirus and 3,335 deaths across the country. 

However, many independent reports cite sources in Wuhan’s seven funeral homes estimating the real death toll in the city is as much as ten times higher than China’s official nationwide death toll.

Reports of hundreds of bodies cremated in some funeral homes in February, during the height of the epidemic in the city. Or, so we thought it was the height of the outbreak.

Government officials were reportedly seen welding Wuhan residents in their homes as late as March.