Queen Pelosi’s Brownshirts Make Life Miserable For Salon Owner Who Dared Show Video of Pelosi Violating Her State’s Lockdown Order

San Francisco hair salon owner Erica Kious appeared with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night.  

She recounted how left wing brownshirts, fascists who apparently like living under the thumb of authoritarians, have made her life a living hell since she released the viral video of Pelosi thumbing her nose at the rules she expects us little people to adhere to.

The truth hurts… only in the new progressive America, the truth hurts those who tell it.  

Erica tells us how her business has been completely destroyed simply for telling the truth…

Kious:  “I started to just get a ton of [negative and threatening] phone calls, text messages, emails… all my Yelp reviews… saying they hope I go under and that I fail.”

“I’m actually done in San Francisco and closing my doors…”

Carlson: “…Because you told the truth about a politician violating her own rules in your store you have to close the store and go out of business… you’re afraid to physically go back to the city of San Francisco?” 

Kious: “I am.”

Carlson asks Ms. Kious if, while growing up in the United States she ever envisioned a time like this where she could be in danger for saying something that’s true?

Kious: “No… I’ve never felt that way about San Francisco but unfortunately it’s going down a path that a lot of people feel that way… a lot of people are leaving.  They’re feeling unsafe…”