QAnon Drops Just How Widespread the Corruption Is – So Far

Elder Patriot – If QAnon is to be believed, and he’s so far given us nothing to distrust him about, now that the first chip in the armor of the Deep State has broken look for an avalanche of arrests and indictments.

McCabe is likely facing criminal indictment if Jeff Sessions fired him before allowing his pension to kick in.  Despite their protestations that McCabe was the target of an out of control president, nothing could be further from the truth, and McCabe’s co-conspirators know that their time in the barrel is coming.

McCabe was #2 at the FBI.  The two #1’s are Comey and Mueller – both neck deep in the swamp.  But who are the other 29 past and present (16) corrupt FBI agents who have already been identified by prosecutors?

Q is telling us the cases against Eric Holder (DOJ #1), Loretta Lynch (DOJ #1), and Rod Rosenstein (DOJ #2) have already been tied into neat little packages and are ready for presentation to a grand jury… if they haven’t already been.

Enough evidence has been discovered on eighteen DOJ stay behinds from the Obama administration to be named co-conspirators.  There’s likely more to come.

John Kerry (#1) and Hillary Clinton (#1) ran the State Department with even greater reckless disregard for our national security than even the FBI and DOJ.  There corrupt co-conspirators total 41 other members of Foggy Bottom.

State was the tip of the corruption spear while the FBI and DOJ served as the corrupt cops looking the other way while the crimes were being committed.  And, then they hid Clinton and Kerry’s crimes when “fake news” publishers outed their misdeeds.  They still weren’t done and they sought to develop a malicious prosecution case against Donald Trump without a shred of evidence to warrant one.

“Removal is the least of their problems.”  QAnon is letting us know that Russia owned the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton.Russia>D/HRC.

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google who has been on the lamb since the day after Trump signed the Executive Order authorizing the Secretary of the Treasure, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to confiscate the U.S. assets of anyone materially assisting, sponsoring, or providing financial, material, or technological support to those engaged in human rights abuses and/or corruption.

Now Q tells us why Schmidt has fled the country.  Under Schmidt’s direction Google operated the bots that have been attributed to Russian interference to bias the political narrative just as the Democrats biased polling results to move an unsuspecting public in Hillary’s direction.

As was revealed yesterday Obama’s V.P., Joe Biden made HRC’s Uranium Deal look like small potatoes with the deal he crafted for his son with China.

Q confirms what many of us had suspected of Obama’s Manchurian administration – TRAITORS EVERYWHERE.  America was for sale and some countries were actually paid by US for nothing in return, like Iran.

Was Michael Flynn targeted because he knew where all of the bodies are hidden?  Flynn will be cleared of the single count he copped to in order to keep from going bankrupt – a favorite Mueller tactic.

President Trump has been busy restructuring his cabinet to better assist him in Making America Great Again.

The dominoes have begun falling and the last desperate hope of the Deep State relies on election theft and an ensuing impeachment of President Trump.

We use the term desperate because when they fail – and they will fail because you are now awakened – they know they will not even be able to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in public even again.

Rid of the Clinton-Obama crime syndicate, America will once again become that shining city on the hill.