Public Gives Trump Green Light: Overwhelming Majority Now Want Hillary Clinton Investigated

Elder Patriot – Hillary Clinton is physically sick and in the throws of a mental breakdown likely made worse because she realizes the walls of justice are closing in on her.  Her behavior following her rejection by the American people on election day 2016 has been bizarre at best and psychotic at worst.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Americans dodged a bullet last November 8th.

Still, in the aftermath of her defeat Hillary remained widely popular with her sycophantic followers and they embraced her argument, that our election winners don’t imprison their political enemies.  In retrospect Clinton’s argument is hypocritical because that is exactly what Robert Mueller is trying to do to President Trump.

On the other side, those calling for her immediate prosecution for her violations of the Espionage Act, her involvement in the Uranium One sale to Russia, her collusion with the Obama administration to corrupt the highest levels of the Justice Department in lying to a FISA court in order to get approval to spy on her political opponent, and a myriad of other grossly illegal activities refused to take into account the political ramifications of arresting a person who was still highly revered by a large plurality of voters.

President Trump charged with uniting the country after an extremely contentious election realized that unless and until public sentiment changed any prosecution of Hillary Clinton would not serve that purpose well.

That is why he ordered his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to offer Hillary a plea bargain.  Anything less would’ve been a slap in the face to his followers who were counting on him to keep his promise to drain the swamp.  Anything more would’ve sent the left and establishment Republicans into a frenzy that might’ve resulted in his impeachment.

The wheels of justice turn slowly and when politics are involved those wheels usually grind to a halt.

Not this time. 

A new poll conducted by former Clinton pollster Mark Penn found that 65% of voters are now convinced that a special counsel is needed to investigate the crimes of Hillary Clinton.  The Harvard CAPS/Harris survey found that only 38 percent believe that SC Mueller has found hard evidence against the Trump campaign.

These findings are a far cry from the numbers of voters who chose to vote for Mrs. Clinton last November.

Just as significant is the survey found almost exactly the same amount of voters now convinced that there is no evidence implicating President Trump in any wrongdoing as who believe such evidence exists.

Coincidentally, dogged investigators including Breitbart’s Peter Schweizer, The Hill’s John Solomon, and Circa News’ Sara Carter, who were given a platform by Sean Hannity are about to reveal overwhelming evidence implicating Hillary Clinton in the sale of American uranium assets to Russia with criminal intent to enrich herself in disregard for our national security.

That evidence comes from a witness who worked undercover for the FBI at the time the Uranium One deal was consummated.  Allegedly he has a suitcase full of videotapes that ties the incriminating evidence together in a neat package.

Despite Hillary’s overwhelming control of the mainstream media narrative the tide of public opinion has turned against her.

If candidate Trump was sincere in his pledge to drain the swamp he now has public opinion on his side. 

The bet here is that Trump has asked Justice to delay bringing indictments until after the 2018 primaries that will determine the candidates in next November’s midterms both as a courtesy to let the swamp drain itself – as Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have decided to do – and as a political weapon to use against those corrupt politicians who are too arrogant to step aside.

Trump has been successful throughout his life by keeping his eye on the big picture.  In this case the big picture is getting a Congress and Senate that is committed to working with him to solve the problems of the American people and not one that is polarized against that goal by other allegiances.

What Trump is attempting takes a steel spine, a clear vision, and the ability to play 3-D chess.   What some interpret as a gruff, un-presidential exterior is necessarily a characteristic of someone taking on the entire city of Washington.  This is no job for a milquetoast.