Psychotic Women’s Reaction to Trump Presidency Has Sane Women Abandoning Feminism

ELDER PATRIOT – One more thank you is due our new president, Donald J. Trump.  It took less than one day in office before his willingness to challenge the PC police shattered the myth that the Feminist Movement serves the majority of women and their daughters.

Instead, the feminist skanks who took to the streets to protest against Trump showed themselves to be foul-mouthed, ill tempered, vile and ignorant.  Women sitting at home with their daughters found themselves having a difficult time explaining the purpose of the march that they were watching. 

With F-bombs being thrown around like rice at a wedding many women decided that they could no longer countenance aligning themselves with these worshippers of infanticide.

But nothing convinced the women watching on television that feminism had failed more than the sight of this young pig and the thought that this is how their daughter or granddaughter might act if they don’t change what they’re teaching them.

Does this young person even know why she’s protesting?

Thanks, President Trump for putting America back on track for a return to greatness.