Prosecutors Probe John Kerry’s Daughter Over Questionable State Department Payments

Elder Patriot – Not all investigations run through Robert Mueller.  Some actually look into corrupt Democrats like former Secretary of State John Kerry.

A former senior Peace Corps official has agreed to cooperate with investigators, prosecutors and any and every other law enforcement officials he is asked to, about the scheme to secure millions of dollars in contracts by former Secretary of State’s daughter, Vanessa, while Kerry was running the department.

It was announced this week that Warren “Buck” Buckingham agreed to cooperate in exchange for leniency for his role in illegally lobbying as part of the scheme.

Buckingham was squarely in the middle of the scheme.

Buckingham admitted he had lobbied his former Peace Corps colleagues to benefit his current employer, Seed Global Health, in securing a $6.4 million contract from the Department of State in September of 2015.  John Kerry was running the State Department during that time.

The scheme called for the Peace Corps to request the money with the express intention of funneling it through to Seed Global Health with a no-bid contract.

Vanessa Kerry had founded Seed Global Health.  Essentially, Kerry’s daughter had established a scheme to secure State Department payments and shielding her father from any involvement.

Buckingham not only lobbied on behalf of Seed for the $6.4 million but had assisted in securing Vanessa Kerry’s initial $3 million funding contract with State Department money when she originally began the non-profit.

The Daily Caller News Foundation had previously reported that Vanessa Kerry had met with officials from both Seed and the Peace Corps to arrange the scheme.

Prosecutors initially notified Buckingham in September that his “communications with Peace Corps about the cooperative agreement were potential violations of conflict of interest laws.” 

When the charges were eventually filed, the charging documents referred only to “Foundation A.”  However, it is clear that “Foundation A” has to be Seed.

  • The timing, value and funding source of the arrangement identified in the court documents were unique to Seed.
  • Court documents note that the State Department secretary in February 2013 “was the father of the co-founder and CEO of Foundation A.”
  • Court document shows that the foundation in question hired Buckingham around the same time as Seed.
  • Buckingham lobbied the Peace Corps for Seed’s contract extension.

Making matters even more incestuous Kerry’s State Department hired Buckingham as a consultant soon after the former Peace Corps official helped Vanessa’s nonprofit secure its first contract. 

Here is the signed agreement between Buckingham and prosecutors:

Buckingham's deferred prosecution agreement by Daily Caller News Foundation on Scribd

By signing the agreement, Buckingham agreed to cooperate with “any ongoing investigation” the Attorney’s Office or other law enforcement agencies conducts related to the money funneling scheme, court documents said. Additionally, he agreed to “disclose all factual information” surrounding the scheme, including “any document, record or other tangible evidence.”

If you think this is about Vanessa Kerry you’re missing the real target.  Just as General Michael Flynn plead guilty to save his son from prosecution, prosecutors in this case hope John Kerry is equally as heroic.  Don’t bet on it.  Just ask those who served with him in Viet Nam.