Proof: President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Leading Democrats Are Terrorists




1.  a.   a person who employs terror or terrorism, esp as a political weapon

      b.  (as modifier): terrorist tactics


[teruh-riz-uh m]


1.  the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

2.  the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

3.  a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

ELDER PATRIOT – Before Barack Obama was ever elected president he called for a “national security force” just as strong as our military:

Give that some thought for just a minute.  Our military is the most powerful on earth.  What was Obama planning that would precipitate the need for that kind of force projection against the American people?

This didn’t turn out to be an idle campaign promise either as credible news sources here and here and here have reported years after having been reported years earlier by Infowars and other alternative news outlets among them

Armed with the power of overwhelming force Obama ordered the IRS to intimidate his political enemies.  Control of the IRS investigatory process has allowed Obama’s political friends and donors to avoid even the threat of prosecution for wrong-doing while, at the same time, it has silenced most of his opponents for fear of expensive audits and administrative findings of deficiencies, real or manufactured.

Everywhere he has brazenly issued federal diktats designed to undermine our Constitution and Founding Principles under the guise of advancing social justice.  This included rewriting laws covering everything from land management, to healthcare, to environmental protection, to property rights and everything in between.  The result has amounted to nothing short of a war on our nation’s economy.

This war on our economy has resulted in more unemployed Americans than at anytime in our history and these people are increasingly dependent on government for their survival.

Beyond all of this, Obama has sowed the seeds of and nurtured racial divisions almost since the day he took office.  Over the past two plus years the president has more brazenly peddled his racist divisiveness as explained by Mark Levin.

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If Levin is concerned about Obama’s war on the foundation of America then what will he have to say about what reported is coming next?

“The next pillar of freedom to be destroyed will be accomplished with the completion of an incredibly complex and intense data bases that the Obama administration is building and that has been kept secret until now.  The NY Post is reporting that these databases will be of massive proportions and will maintain every minute personal detail about you and everyone else.  The plan is to be able to use this information to justify legislation and executive orders intended to achieve desired political outcomes.

“For the Obama administration it will be used to justify the balancing of racial outcomes.  Already, banks whose portfolios that don’t have enough prime loans to minorities; schools that suspend too many blacks whether warranted or not; municipalities that don’t offer enough Section 8 and other low-income housing for minorities; and employers who turn down African-Americans for jobs due to criminal backgrounds have had “disparate impact” cases brought against them.

How Obama will use federal departments from Housing and Urban Development, to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, to the Department of Education is outlined in detail by the expose.

The catalyst for foisting this on the American people is the Black Lives Matter movement and their more militant arm, the New Black Panther Party.  This is all to be done in the name of social justice.

The plan to employ racial discord was developed by Obama with the assistance of Valerie Jarrett in meetings with these groups at the White House almost a year ago.  As reported by in February of this year the president praised the work of Black Lives Matter activists.

Initial funding of BLM was furnished by George Soros to underwrite the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.  Almost immediately after the White House meeting in the fourth quarter of 2015, Obama’s most stridently liberal billionaire backers joined George Soros in funding this racist, divisive and terrorist group.  This was reported in detail by Politico.

Steve Phillips of the radically leftist Democracy Alliance explained that the movement needed cash to build a self-sustaining infrastructure and that “the progressive donor world should be adding zeroes to their contributions that support this transformative movement.”

According the article in Politico, “The Democracy Alliance was created in 2005 by a handful of major donors, including billionaire financier George Soros and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay to build a permanent infrastructure to advance liberal ideas and causes. Donors are required to donate at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups, and their combined donations to those groups now total more than $500 million.”

Obama has also resorted to ordering, or allowing to be ordered, the use of terrorist tactics against the people of Ferguson, Baltimore and with the ascendancy of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign Obama has now has a greater urgency to deploy terrorist tactics.

During last spring’s Black Lives Matter riot in Baltimore, Democrat Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered the police to stand down while rioters caused maximum property damage.  Rawlings-Blake serves as one of only three mayors on President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing that provides her a direct line to the president on matters concerning the police.  The fact that neither party used that personal connection to demand the police put an end to hostilities proves that they shared prior complicity in aiding and abetting the civil unrest that unfolded under her watch.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, also a Democrat, ordered the police to stand down when Mexican nationalists and other protestors unleashed a violent wave of attacks on Trump supporters.  As U.S. citizens, Trump and his supporters have every right to expect protection from the police and the fact that Obama stood silent and did not attempt to interdict to stop this violent lawlessness from being perpetrated against fellow Americans would be unconscionable except to a person who welcomes it.

But why shouldn’t we have expected this behavior by Mayor Liccardo?  After all, the Chicago police did little to prevent the shutdown of a Trump rally by violent protestors in their city prior to this event.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is another radical leftist Democrat who had served as Obama’s first chief of staff.

Need further proof that civil disrupters will be protected at the expense of law-abiding conservatives by our Terrorist-in-Charge?  Check out Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson who has told his police to “stand down” rather than confront protestors at next week’s Republican National Convention.  This has been widely reported including by the Gateway Pundit.  You guessed correctly, Jackson is a Democrat.  And, neither Obama nor Clinton have called on Jackson to order differently.

What about Hillary Clinton?  Clinton’s track record is replete with terrorist ties as was reported in this article outlining Mrs. Clinton’s relationship with Huma Abedin.

Breitbart’s Lee Stranahan has done outstanding investigative journalism in reporting on this subject.

With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton guiding the Obama administration’s foreign policy, at least five countries in the Middle East are embroiled in what amount to wars for survival against radical Islamist terror groups.

With Mrs. Clinton serving as the architect of our European foreign policy, our most dependable allies in Europe have become so threated by invading Islamic terrorists that the European Union has begun disintegrating compelled by populist uprisings that are a result of the conquering war mentality of the invading Middle Eastern marauders.  Member nations are now finding their populations demanding that their governments cut ties with the EU so that they may individually salvage what’s left of their culture and national identities.

Mrs. Clinton, like President Obama, has failed to ask the protestors even a single time to end their violence against Trump and his supporters.

Short of actually announcing the use of terrorism as part of their platform when they convene for the convention at the end of this month to nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential pick, what further proof that the Democratic Party is now the domestic terrorist organization most threatening to America and her people could someone ask for?