Presidents Can Only Be Removed Through Impeachment –Elections Are the Peoples’ System of Voir Dire

ELDER PATRIOT – Voir dire: an oath administered to a proposed witness or juror by which he or she is sworn to speak the truth in an examination to ascertain his or her competence.

It is the process whereby the personal prejudices of those being considered to sit in judgment on a jury can be exposed.

The Framers, in their infinite wisdom, understood the ruthless nature of politics caused by the sometimes-psychotic avarice of the men and women who become politicians and built a form of voir dire into our system of government. 

We are witnessing this ugliness in the form of coup attempt by the anti-Trump, establishment forces that seized control of our government and are now refusing to abide by the free elections because “We the People” had the temerity to elect a man who promised to change the direction of the government that that same establishment has fashioned.

This is precisely the reason that our Framers moved something as serious as the removal of the president from the courts, where juries often ignore the law due to their own prejudices (O.J. Simpson?) without consequences, and placed it in the hands of what they hoped to be a more deliberative group of 100 senators using the impeachment provision of the Constitution. 

It wasn’t because the Framers believed that the senate would always be comprised of men and women of high moral character but rather because they knew it wouldn’t be.

Whereas juries make their decisions without fear of reprisal, the impeachment process turned the removal of the president into a political decision that ultimately would give the decision to remove a duly elected president back to the people – not to a jury of 12 but to a jury that today would top 150 million voters.

In 2018 we will have the chance to remove those establishment politicians who have not already declared that they have rejected the impeachment of President Trump as anything more than an attempt to overturn the results of a free election.  Everyone else, Republicans and Democrats alike, are refusing to recognize the peoples’ right to reset the policies of our nation.

This is what makes Congress’ efforts to stop President Trump’s efforts to drain the D.C. Sewer System so transparent. 

While President Trump is doing everything within his Constitutionally granted powers to fulfill the campaign promises that the people elected him to do,
Congress isn’t and hasn’t been for some time. 

Without listing every problem that Congress created and that they now refuse to fix, President Trump’s very open and verbal attempts to restore an America First agenda have made it apparent that if anyone should be impeached it’s Congress.  All of this makes their palpable desire to remove Trump very telling.

Republicans are betting that they can hand control of both Houses of Congress to the Democrats in the 2018 election, let the Dems impeach the president, and then return to power by blaming the Dems for behaving in a maniacal manner.

It’s a desperate strategy born from Republicans being the trapped by decades of their own campaign lies, ceding the control of the senate given to them by voters to Democrats, and their own participation in destroying American manufacturing, driving down wages, refusal to deal with illegal immigration and even structuring the legal immigration system to favor foreigners over Americans, and defrauding America’s taxpayers of at least $120 trillion even after levying unconscionably high tax rates on them for the last century.

As a result they have very little credibility left with which to defend their political positions and their votes on behalf of international corporations, mega-banks, and foreign governments, rather than is support of the American people. 

Whether Trump survives as president or not will be decided by the voters in the Republican primaries where they will have an opportunity to take out anti-Trump Globalists like Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and Michigan Rep. Paul Ryan to replace them with pro-Trump challengers to represent the Republican Party in the November general election. 

If voters use the primary process to reclaim the Republican Party, as the primaries were intended for, they can make the impeachment of Trump impossible because there will not be enough votes in Congress to move it forward.

The 2018 midterm election is the voters’ chance to select Donald Trump’s jury.

If voters fail to use that tool they will have only themselves to blame when Trump is impeached.  Their only recourse after that will be to remove the senators who voted for impeachment and the House members who make the case against the president.

However, it is looking more and more likely that if the voters fail to remove these political renegades and, these anti-Trump Republicans in Congress join with Democrats and impeach President Trump, there may never again be enough states engaging in free elections to give voters the ability to peacefully change the course of the Globalist movement and the resulting rape of America’s prosperity.

This is the reason that so many states are refusing to participate in President Trump’s Voter Integrity Commission.

The fate of this great nation is in your hands.  Don’t blow it.