President Trump Finally Drops the Truth Bomb About Black Lives Matter… Identifies BLM as Marxist Movement… Why is the FBI Silent?

Because of his incredible policy outcomes benefitting America’s blacks… including, but not limited to, criminal justice reform and the lowest ever unemployment rate… Democrats have relentlessly attacked President Trump since before his election, in an attempt to define him as a racist.

The strategy is straight from the Democratic Party’s playbook and is manifested on orchestrated social unrest ostensibly due to institutional racial injustice.  

It’s a historical fact that Democrats have relied on their street activists to inflame black voters every time they’re in danger of losing the black vote.

The civil unrest we’re witnessing today under the Black Lives Matter movement is more than a get out the vote effort.  It’s a movement to fundamentally transform America.

Not so coincidentally, those were the words spoken by Barack Obama at the start of his presidency.

And, not so coincidentally, America’s first Marxist-sympathizing president helped BLM during its infancy.

(Breitbart September 17, 2015) President Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett met with Black Lives Matter activists yesterday at the White House, the latest sign that the Obama administration is involved with the controversial protest group…

… She (Packnett) also revealed that Obama sympathized with the movement, thanks to his background as a community organizer in Chicago.

“He offered us a lot of encouragement with his background as a community organizer, and told us that even incremental changes were progress,” she told reporters after the meeting. “He didn’t want us to get discouraged. He said, ‘Keep speaking truth to power.’”

By 2016, at the Democratic National Convention where Hillary Clinton was coronated, BLM was given prime-time speaking slots every night.  No American flags were displayed at the DNC until the final night of the convention and then only in response to enormous criticism from the new media.

Now consider today’s intersection of BLM and Antifa and the violence being expressed in the name of social justice.  

By October 2017 Antifa had become the latest and most violently radical of the many groups that Clinton, Obama and the entire Democratic Party embraced. They arranged to help fund both groups with, both, taxpayers’ money and with huge endowments from George Soros and other billionaire donors to the Democracy Alliance.

It was all planned in advance.  Another insurance policy against a return to fully capitalist policies if you will.

President Trump fought back this morning during a telephone interview on Fox and Friends.  He noted that Black Lives Matter openly promotes Marxism, believes in the destruction of nuclear families, and believes that the pursuit of excellence is a fault of whites.

In other words, Black Lives Matter favors the end of Western Civilization.

How BLM achieved this level of influence is a testament to the hold the Democratic Party and their Marxist allies in the media hold over American thought.  And, to Democrats’ network of race-baiting black community “leaders.”  Beginning with elected leader, James Clyburn.

President Trump is right to say that BLM is a collection of anarchists and that social justice isn’t on their agenda…  Here they are marching in the summer of 2016 clearly demonstrating their anarchist roots…

Whatever social justice they claim to seek doesn’t include the families of the police whose death they are chanting for…

What do we want?

Dead cops!

When do we want them?


The real question is why the FBI has avoided designating BLM a terrorist organization and instead spent all their misguided energy on trying to destroy Donald Trump instead.