President Trump Chides Fox News for Suspending Judge Jeanine Pirro – We Report, You Decide

Elder Patriot – Here’s Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening statement from March 9th:

She was suspended for these comments.  No name calling (are you listening CNN and MSNBC?) just opinion supported by facts.

Judge Jeanine was reacting to and supporting President Trump’s comments from the prior day after House Democrats passed a watered-down resolution condemning hate and racism in all its forms.

Ilhan Omar,the Somali-born freshman congresswoman from Minnesota, sparked the firestorm in February for using anti-Jewish tropes: saying that support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins” and accusing Jewish-American legislators of “dual loyalty.”

The resolution was originally proposed by Speaker Pelosi to condemn the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish comments by Omar.

For those who say what’s the big deal, that condemning hate in all of its forms is a good thing, I’ll refer you to Democrats for answers.  Remember, they steadfastly defended the Black Lives Matter movement when others suggested All Lives Matter would better capture the essence of our multicultural society.

President Trump, smelling the political blood of Democrats in the water, waded in with both feet defending Pirro, castigating Democrats, and chiding Fox News for suspending the judge:

Trump emphasized the Democrats’ embrace of its anti-Semitic members under their so-called Big Tent when he told reporters:  

“The Democrats have become an anti-Israel party. They’ve become an anti-Jewish party.”

It appears that Pelosi is looking at a political beatdown over this as the New York Post is reporting:

Jewish voters furious at Democrats’ defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar say they’re done with the party that has held their support for generations.

“We felt we had a home there,” said Mark Schwartz, the Democratic deputy mayor of solidly blue Teaneck, NJ. “And now we feel like we have to check our passports.”

Jordan Manor of Manhattan, who calls himself a “gay Jewish Israeli-American,” laments, “The party I thought cared about me seems to disregard me when it comes to my Jewish identity.”

Mark Dunec, a consultant in Livingston, NJ who ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2014, says, “I’m physically afraid for myself and for my family,” adding, “I see my own party contributing to the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States.”

Judge Jeanine: “What the hell is she doing on the prestigious Foreign Relations Committee?”