Poll: Trump at 53% With Decided Voters

ELDER PATRIOT – Respected pollster Scott Rasmussen released his latest presidential poll this morning and he’s found that 88% of voters have made their minds up and they will not be changing their decision.  Among these voters Donald Trump has a commanding 10-point lead over Hillary Clinton, 53%-43%. 

With only 12% of voters still undecided Mrs. Clinton needs to woo virtually all of them (92%) in the campaign’s waning days and hope they actually show up to vote for her.  That is highly unlikely as Mrs. Clinton’s myriad of scandals involving multiple federal felony investigations are becoming more widely exposed with each passing day.

Mrs. Clinton’s slide began once the FBI discovered the evidence that she believed she had destroyed, on the laptop of the husband of her top aide while investigating his affinity for underage girls.  And, now that the FBI has decided to go public it’s hard to see how Mrs. Clinton can change the narrative before Tuesday.