Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Voters Say Confirm Kavanaugh, If…

Elder Patriot – A new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found that 60 percent of Americans want Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the High Court, if he is cleared of sexual misconduct allegations by the FBI this week.

In other words, voters have had enough of the uncorroborated and unsubstantiated claims that Democrats have staked the future of their party’s power on.

Considering that the FBI has already conducted 6 previous background checks on Judge Kavanaugh, and that they came back having found nothing in the least bit disqualifying, there is no reason to expect anything different from this investigation.

Keep in mind the last FBI background investigation was conducted only months ago after President Trump submitted his name as the person to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

But the poll shows even worse news for Democrats working to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation when respondents are made aware of the facts – facts that the mainstream media have worked diligently to keep hidden.

Mark Penn who manages the poll noted, once those polled were informed “that the named witnesses deny any knowledge of the allegation, this shifts to 57 percent who favor confirmation.”  Only 27 percent remain against Kavanaugh when that is known.

“… the credibility of their testimony does not appear to be the decisive factor.  Rather, the question comes down to corroboration as the standard for tipping public opinion on whether Kavanaugh should ascend to the high court.”

Interestingly, that is the same standard that sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell applied when making her determination that “… this [allegation] is even weaker than [a “he said, she said”] case…

Voters, may be split over who the credibility of Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey-Ford, but once they learned that all of Ford’s named witnesses have disavowed her account that the attack ever took place (facts the establishment media has been hiding), they overwhelmingly side with Kavanaugh.

With that knowledge, those voters siding with Kavanaugh’s confirmation jump from 37 percent to 57 percent.

The poll also confirmed what we have been saying all along, that once the facts come out, the big loser in this will be Dianne Feinstein and the Democrats.

According to the poll’s findings, the vast majority of voters (fully 75 percent) believe corrupt Senator Dianne Feinstein “should have turned over Ford’s letter months earlier so that this debacle might have been avoided.”

Already, voters in West Virginia and Missouri and have began moving towards Republican candidates in their respective senate races.

The view from here is that Democrats have so seriously overplayed their hand that if Democrat senatorial candidates in states that Trump won don’t vote to confirm Kavanaugh they’re almost assured of losing their bids for re-election.