POLL: Obama WORST President in Memory

Elder Patriot – Thanks to President Trump’s America First policies people are finally woke to what a miserable shill Barack Hussein Obama actually was on behalf of foreign and corporate interests.  With a full dozen presidents to choose from, Obama was named by a full third as the worst president since the close of WWII according a new Quinnipiac University Poll.

Hussein scored low across the full spectrum of his policies among the poll’s respondents.

While it takes decades before a president’s work can be put into proper perspective it’s unlikely that the American people will ever approve of Obama’s policies in any significant numbers.  

That’s especially likely to be the case as Obama’s abysmal sellout to virulent Islamic forces, global corporatists, and his over-regulation of our economy all of which shackled economic growth and stifled the incomes and opportunity of average Americans, continues coming to light.