It’s All Politics For The Architect of “The Ferguson Effect” and Black Genocide

ELDER PATRIOT – In a political environment that is screaming that Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama is fostering genocide within black communities and it’s solely for political gain.

The president has had no qualms about riding roughshod over the Constitutional protections of conservatives to achieve his political goals but when it comes to saving the lives of innocent blacks in lower demographic neighborhoods the president has fostered an environment so threatening to the people charged with policing these areas that they are left incapable and unwilling to do their jobs.

Stop and frisk laws were put in place to protect the right to safety of peace-abiding residents.  These laws as well as others that are intended to help the police save lives.  They make neighborhoods safer for the residents and for the police.  The president and others have challenged those laws choosing to instead defend the criminals’ right to privacy.  Millions of airline passengers do not enjoy the same defense that the president extends to criminal miscreants.

As an acolyte of Saul Alinsky, Obama understands the value of emotionally charged issues to stimulate voter turnout.  To this end President Obama has been encouraging a widening racial divide since he first took office and is using the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore last summer to keep the racism pot boiling.

The effect of limiting the police’s strategy for engagement coupled with the violent threats they are receiving from hate groups like Black Lives Matter have left the police reticent to answer calls and take other preventative steps in the neighborhoods that need them the most.  The police, like everyone else, want to be able to return to their families after work.

Because the police are now more restrained in policing these inner city neighborhoods the murder rate for innocent black people is soaring.  In Chicago alone, murders more than doubled in the first two months of 2016 over the same period in 2015 to 488.  Already, 1326 people have been shot since January first with 236 homicides occurring over the same period. 

Barack Obama knows this and can put an end to it if he chose to.  He doesn’t because he knows the only path to Democratic victory in November is an emotionally charged base and nothing will accomplish that more effectively than blood running in the streets.