Political Realities Following Indiana: It’s All Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – After his impressive knockout of Ted Cruz last night, Donald Trump has cleared his last hurdle for securing the Republican presidential nomination.  Considering the way that virtually the entire establishment opposed him, and the mainstream media used their megaphone against him, this is nothing short of amazing.  There has been nothing in electoral politics to compare to this in our lifetimes, perhaps nothing in the history of American politics.  Beyond any doubt this proves that Trump is leading a movement among voters who have for too long been ignored.


What the heck is John Kasich thinking by refusing to suspend his campaign?  He’s now running fourth in a two-man race.  Kasich will be challenged to pull himself into third place before this is over.  Dealing with reality is an important trait for a president and Kasich seems intent on proving that he’s incapable of that.


Making Kasich’s path even more daunting is the fact that he’s out of money and will be relying on anti-Trump super PACs to help him going forward.  These PACs have paid for over 60,000 television ads to date trying to derail Trump to no avail.  They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars and yet have failed miserably.  So much for the need to “get the money out of politics.”  What we need is to get honest, solid leaders into politics.


Hillary’s top advisors are panicking over her inability to put Bernie Sanders away.  Sanders won the Indiana primary yesterday.  That was Sanders’ ninth win in the last fourteen primaries.  Outside of the Northeast, Clinton has lost ten of the last eleven primaries.  She’s barely beating a socialist who looks closer to needing assisted living rather than having the energy for the rigors of the presidency.

Clinton had a 21% lead over Sanders in electorally bound delegates heading into last night with her best states behind her.  She will win the nomination because the Democrats’ system for choosing their candidate is even more rigged than the Republicans but contrast that with Trump’s 86% advantage in bound delegates over his nearest competitor after last night.  Clearly the Republican rank and file has coalesced around their candidate.

The Clinton campaign managers realize that there is very little that is inspirational about Sanders and they are worried about her fading appeal that has become all too obvious by her inability to pull away from an aging propagandist.

They are increasingly worried about Trump because his policies are resonating with voters and his appeal and energy eclipse Hillary’s.  This was reflected in a Rasmussen poll that was released yesterday that showed Trump leading her by two points in the general election matchup.


Did anyone notice the stark contrast in messages between Clinton and Trump the past two days?

Clinton was asked about Trump and his embrace of rough and tumble political messaging that Hillary believes only she is entitled to engage in.  Hillary’s response was dismissive of Trump specifically and men who disagree with her generally, “I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak.”

What Hillary was referring to was her confidence that she’ll be able to rely on the mainstream media to invoke the victim-woman card like they did when Rick Lazio challenged her in the NY senate race in 2000.

Contrast that to Trump calling out and then dismissing the ruling elites on the eve of the Indiana primary when he pointed to the audience and told them that they were the elites that he’d be beholden to.