Political Correctness Runs Amok As Democrat Mayor Imposes Curfew and Closes Bars

(ABC 7) Hoboken Mayor Ravinder Bhalla announced a citywide curfew will be in effect starting Monday. The curfew also places major restrictions on bars and restaurants.

The curfew will be in effect from 10 p.m.- 5 a.m.starting on Monday, and until further notice.  Residents will be required to stay home, except for emergencies, or if needed at work by their employer.

As of 11 a.m. Sunday, bars that do not serve food will not be permitted to operate at all. All other bars and restaurants are no longer permitted to serve food within the establishment, and can only sell takeout or delivery.

Sikhs, are prohibited by their religion from drinking alcohol.  At first pass this would appear to be an unconstitutional restriction placed on the non-Sikh population of Hoboken by a religious zealot.  Perhaps it is, but there is more to this story. 

During the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s, Hoboken became a gentrified hub of commerce and residency for college graduates and other young people following the resurgence of bars and restaurants in the city.  

Those meeting places made the city a magnet for economic development based on its youthful and affluent population.

Now comes the typical response we’ve come to expect from Democrats.  

Everyone must suffer equally…

As we know the facts today, persons over 50 are only at-risk for the Wuhan virus if they have underlying health conditions.  For the most part, again as we know things today, advanced age (70+) is among the major risk factors. 

Logic would dictate that these are the people who should self-quarantine and be tested regularly.  And, they should be isolated from young people and healthy adults who, if they become infected, might not realize they have anything more than a common cold.

This would allow time for the virus, which presents as a normal cold or flu, to circulate among the healthy so that their immune systems develop the necessary antibodies to combat the virus long term.  Nature at play… survival of the fittest.

It is acknowledged here that the virus is highly contagious, but all indications are that it poses no serious dangers for young people and working age adults who do not have underlying medical conditions. 

If the vast majority of workers and consumers are not seriously threatened, why are we shutting down our economy?  After all, the business of America is business.

It’s an election year, that’s why.  If a segment of our population were ordered to abide by a curfew that other members of our society weren’t required to abide by, we’d hear charges of racism, ageism, etc…

And the television commercials comparing anything but a broad based shutdown to loading people into box cars and sending them off to concentration camps would follow.  

Whether it’s social security, unemployment insurance, or healthcare, creating the mechanisms that place the burdens of others on those who do not share those ailments or financial conditions, is how the politicians sell their influence to those who benefit most from their votes.

In this case, no one speaks for the small businesses that employ 75% of all new workers.  Certainly not the Democrats who have a stranglehold on the NJ statehouse.

It’s the Democrats’ way and we pay for it.

For bars, Hoboken was one of the few bright spots in what has become an otherwise moribund industry.

Coming out of prohibition, the municipalities of New Jersey oversold the number of liquor licenses permitted in their towns as another form of political patronage.  Today that patronage takes the form of board memberships, legislation, college appointments, etc.

Virtually anything the government has its hand in has been, or is being leveraged by politicians for their personal enrichment.

Back when those liquor licenses were issued there was plenty of business to go around.

Fast forward a number of decades to the influx of competition from chain restaurants, that could accommodate double, triple, even four times the number of people as the long-established, locally owned and operated places, and the competitive pressures became untenable.

Among those that didn’t/couldn’t sell their liquor licenses to chain competitors, upwards of two out of every three licensed beverage establishments were forced to go onto making C.O.D. payments because their financial condition had deteriorated so severely.

Many NJ bars are barely managing to remain open as it is.

For small family-owned bars, curfews like the one mayor Ravinder Bhalla just imposed may be a death knell.

These same liquor licenses that once regularly sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and as much as $1.4 million, with annual renewal fees of $2500, have become worthless to everyone except large national corporate restaurants. 

Vast amounts of wealth have been obliterated while the national chains have prospered. 

It’s the Democrat way…