Poland Preparing Massive Welcome For Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – People who have lived under and suffered through the jack-booted tyrants that Socialism gives rise to understand President Trump’s greatness just as they understood Ronald Reagan’s greatness.

That is why Poland’s lawmakers are bussing citizens to the king’s welcome they have planned for Donald Trump’s arrival on Thursday.

Polish politician Dominik Tarczynski says, “It’s going to huge – absolutely huge.  They just love him, the people in Poland – they just really love him.”

Wow, people who were freed from socialist domination by Ronald Reagan three decades ago are now believers in America’s new defender of Capitalism – President Donald J. Trump!

These are people who have done more than just read about the nirvana of socialism, they have lived it.

Ronald Reagan understood this.  And, Poles are uniting behind President Trump because he has proven to them that he too understands this.