Pocahontas Speaks With Forked Tongue

ELDER PATRIOT – There is disgusting and then there is Elizabeth Warren.  Having never held a job in the private sector, Warren has accumulated a net worth estimated to be as much as $14.5 million while feeding from the public trough.  Not bad for someone who has never taken a risk in business, but it hardly gives her the right to denigrate Donald Trump who has a plane that’s worth over seven times what she is. 

And Trump never had to lie in order to get accepted to the University of Pennsylvania as Elizabeth Warren admitted to doing when she claimed to be of American Indian descent so she could qualify for affirmative action placement at the same school.

Even more disingenuous is the fact that Warren called Trump “a proven businessman, a proven failure.”  Really?  What planet is she from?  If this is what failure looks like give me some. 

Forbes estimated that Donald Trump is worth somewhere north of $4.5 billion.  How much north of that is open to argument.  Trump puts his net worth at $10 billion but in a closely held private company no one really knows. 

Because Trump owns some of the most prestigious real estate on the planet the value of any particular piece of property is worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for it.  That may be well in excess of what appraisers estimate the value to be.

As an example, when Donald Sterling was forced to sell the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers the initial valuation came in at $500 million.  That didn’t deter Steve Ballmer from paying four times that amount and he still considers it a good investment even though Forbes recently estimated its value to be $575 million.

Whatever Pocahontas would like us to believe Donald Trump is anything but a failure. 

What we know about Warren is that she’s a proven liar.  She lied about her heritage to get accepted to school, she lied in calling Trump a failure. 

She’s alleged that Trump defrauded the students of Trump University even though only six of over 7,000 attendees have been willing to join a lawsuit and even some of them had signed statements at the conclusion of the course that they were satisfied or better.

This writer attended Trump University for multiple courses in real estate investing and stock market investing.  I found it to be considerably less expensive, less time consuming, and of more real world value than the money and time I spent in college.  I was never pressured to buy anything as Warren alleged.  My only complaint was that there were no $1 keggers or frat parties.

Meanwhile, as a member of the U.S. Senate Warren has fraudulently voted to spend every American $3 trillion dollars further into debt since she took office in January of 2013.  That’s $10,000 more every man, woman, and child now owes so she can claim how much she’s accomplished when she comes up for re-election.

Pocahontas speaks with heap big forked tongue.