Phony Fake News Narrative: Forget His Legacy Obama is Trying to Save His Bacon

ELDER PATRIOT – Not everyone in the Deep State is intent on bringing Donald Trump’s presidency to a screeching halt.  Thankfully, there are still many patriots among the over two million federal employees including many inside of our intelligence agencies.

During a briefing late yesterday President Trump was informed that the telephone lines servicing his Trump Tower apartment had been wiretapped under Obama’s orders prior to the November elections.

This should surprise no one.  While he was the nation’s president there appeared to be no law that Obama wouldn’t break to advance his Marxist-Globalist agenda. 

Earlier this week investigative journalist Jerome Corsi released shocking evidence that the Department of Health and Human Services under Obama’s orders defrauded investors in both the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation of $187.5 Billion by diverting the returns they were expecting to insurers, instead, to delay his bankrupt healthcare plan from going bust during his term in office.

This means that not only did investors in Fannie and Freddie pay their own bloated health care premiums as everyone else is forced to do in order to fund the insurance of the less productive members of our society, but their investment returns were stolen to so that they were made to pay many times those already usurious premiums.

Later in the week we learned that Eric Holder began a practice of shaking down large banks and secretly arranging for that money to be funneled directly to left-wing activist groups.  Essentially, money that should’ve have gone to the guilty banks’ customers – or in some cases to the banks’ shareholders – was used to fund groups like Black Lives Matter and La Raza.  So far $3 Billion dollars has been identified as changing hands in this way and the investigation is only starting.

There has been no official accounting of the costs to insurers from the property damage or from the hospital bills of some of the victims of violence that the miscreant recipients of these illegally diverted funds caused while “protesting.”  Of course there can be no price assigned to the dozens of police officers assassinated in the name of political theater or to their grieving families.

Now this morning Donald Trump went public with what many of us suspected for a number of months when he tweeted this message:

Two and a half hours later the President followed up with a second tweet:

Obama’s post-election resistance movement, aided by his many minions in key positions throughout the federal government, has been nothing more than an effort to save his legacy according to the mainstream media.  That’s clearly another fake news narrative from the originators of fake news narratives.  Talk about putting a happy face on treason.

What we’re really witnessing is a criminal enterprise headed by Barack Obama desperately trying to keep the truth from coming out.

President Trump has promised to drain the swamp and the evidence is mounting daily that Obama turned the federal government into the largest RICO operation ever conceived.  Obama knows he either destroys President Trump or President Trump will destroy him.

Obama isn’t trying to save his legacy he is trying to save his bacon.  If justice is ever properly served Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as the first president ever to go to prison for violating his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.