Petition To Declare George Soros a Terrorist Reaches Critical Mass in Record Time!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – On August 20th a petition this filed with the White House:

Petitions of this sort require 100,000 signatures within 30 days of its filing before being considered by the president.  In less that two weeks more than 121,000 people have signed this one!

George Soros was a Nazi sympathizer during the rise of the Third Reich selling out his fellow Jews without regret.  Here’s a look into the mind of a monster:

This is the monster who is funding the left-wing anarchists from Black Lives Matter to the Antifa to La Raza just to name a few.

Soros is a currency manipulator whose hedge fund has made billions as a result of his diabolical actions aimed at bringing economies and nations to collapse.

In fact, Soros has been involved in overthrowing democratically elected governments, something that he is actively funding here in the United States.

The American left has been the largest beneficiary of Soros’ “generosity” and the left’s agenda reflects Soros’ politics down to their approval and defense of the use of violence against their political opponents.

The people have spoken.  Now it’s up to President Trump to make sure Attorney General Jeff Sessions designates Soros and those connected with him as terrorists and prevent his organizations from doing any further damage to our youth and to our republic.

Let’s continue piling on the signatures so that President Trump is provided with the ammunition to take on the Soros defending globalists that surround him.

You can sign petition @ (Link: