Peter Fonda Declared Domestic Terrorist. What’s Next?

Elder Patriot – What is driving the psychotic behavior of these Hollywood elites? As we posited earlier today when discussing Tom Arnold’s unexplainable meltdown something more than political ideology has to be motivating their actions.

Take the case of Peter Fonda, a D-rated actor who has been living off his father’s legacy since forever.  That makes for a little man with low self-esteem or, worse.

Without bothering to do any research to substantiate his beliefs, Fonda went into a Twitter rage against the women surrounding President Trump. It was vile, disgusting and the fact that it continued for longer than 24 hours, it signals a sick and demented man who society needs to be protected from.


Then he set his sights on the border patrol agents who are risking their lives doing the best they can to enforce laws that were written decades ago and modified by liberal courts.

Fonda’s rage is that of a trapped rat who knows that his secret with soon become public.  What that secret is we don’t yet know. But try wrapping your head around Fonda’s disturbing defense of pedophile Roman Polanski.

Why would any person defend an admitted rapist of a thirteen-year-old girl?  Why?

During a 1979 interview Polanski actually defended his actions:

“I realise, if I have killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… fucking, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to fuck young girls. Juries want to fuck young girls – everyone wants to fuck young girls! No, I knew then, this is going to be another big, big thing.”

Fonda, who has a daughter himself, somehow found a reason to dismiss Polanski’s abusive sexual treatment of a child.  

According to the Desert News Fonda actually said that international authorities searching for Polanski should just give up during an interview while in Zurich n 2009.  Fonda’s reason? He said Polanski “is not responsible for killing anyone.”

So far the leaders of the National Border Patrol Council have declared Fonda a domestic terrorist.  But the more these elites protest in such an unhinged manner, the more credence they give to the #Pizzagate allegations.

Tick tock.