Pelosi’s House Has Been Fully Operationalized to Conduct Trump Opposition Research in Advance of 2020 Elections

Elder Patriot – That Barack Obama turned the CIA, DOJ, FBI, and the State Department into opposition research departments of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, is no longer in question.  

Where they found nothing to incriminate Donald Trump, they simply made it up relying on the paid propagandists in the so-called mainstream media to relentlessly drill the myth of Russian collusion into the public consciousness.

Now, more than two-and-a-half years after the FBI first started its politically inspired investigation of then-candidate Trump the executive offices of the DOJ and FBI have been reshaped by firings and forced resignations of those rogue senior level managers for their unjustified, illegal, and fruitless pursuit of Donald Trump.

Word is that special counsel Robert Mueller, granted broad (overly broad?) prosecutorial powers, has also failed to find evidence of collusion between Donald Trump or the Trump campaign and Russia.

Subsequent investigations conducted by the House and Senate intelligence committees have also failed to find evidence of collusion between either candidate Trump or President Trump, and Russia.

Americans should be outraged that the Obama administration ordered the DOJ and FBI to conduct an investigation of an American absent a predicate crime having been committed with which to justify such an invasive inquiry.

Half of us are.  Unfortunately, that leaves the other half of Americans accepting the authority of the leadership of a political party to order its investigative and prosecutorial apparatus to behave in the manner consistent with the East German Stasi.  

Such is the state of constitutional awareness and the political divide  that exists in this country these days. By any means necessary has always applied to the manner in which Communists approached the political landscape.

Regardless of their failure to tie President Trump to Russia, the House under the directive of radical leftist Speaker Nancy Pelosi and is fully weaponized to look for anything else they might find to incriminate the president.

House committees led by Jerrold Nadler (Judiciary), Elijah Cummings (Oversight), and Adam Schiff (Intelligence) – a man who should be recused for lying and leaking – are seeking the president’s tax returns, the tax returns of the Trump Organization, to subpoena his children, the management teams at his various enterprises, everyone he’s ever entered into a business deal with, on and on and on.

This is not the American way.  

What justifies such an extensive and invasive inquiry of this president?

It’s not as though he agreed to the transfer of missile technology to China.

It’s not as though he signed off on the sale of uranium to Russia.

It’s not as though he shared our most sensitive cyber technology with Russia.

It’s not as though he turned his back on the forced transfer of American technology and the theft of Americans’ intellectual property to China.

It’s not as though he oversaw the outsourcing of America’s manufacturing base, American jobs, and with that the exfiltration of America’s wealth.

In fact, the exact opposite is true.  And, for that reason they hate, fear, and are endeavoring to remove President Trump from office before he finally succeeds in putting an end to the DC elites gravy train and returns the wealth of the country to the people.

Trump is no more corrupt than any other Washington politician.  Probably less so. Likely, a lot less so.

However, Trump threatens UniParty control, and its power to redistribute trillions of dollars annually.  They fear Donald Trump was telling the truth when he promised to “Drain the Swamp.”

That is why the bill that the the bi-partisan (UniParty) “border security” negotiators presented President Trump late last night had less border security than the one he previously turned down.  

There will be no political victories coming from Congress that President Trump would be able to tout heading into 2020.

That is why Nadler, Cummings, and Schiff have been empowered to conduct, what can be best described as, two years of taxpayer funded opposition research.

The Uniparty is desperately hoping that by 2020 they will have succeeded in personally destroying Donald Trump, his family, his businesses, as well as in having isolated him from potential future allies.

That is all that remains for them.