Pelosi-Schumer Impeachment Strategy: Neuter AAG Whitaker and AG Nominee Barr With Obstruction Charges: But in 2013 Obama’s AG Eric Holder Said This…

Elder Patriot -Pelosi-Schumer Impeachment Strategy: Neuter AAG Whitaker and AG Nominee Barr With Obstruction Charges:  But in 2013 Obama’s AG Eric Holder Said This…

All the Fake News combined can no longer obscure the fact that the Democratic Party no longer has an agenda other than wild-eyed spending programs that would bankrupt the country.

That, and destroying and removing President Trump from office because he threatens to expose the con game they ran for 8 years under Obama.  That deliberate misfeasance ran up $10 trillion in additional debt with nothing to show for it.

If, by chance, voters restore them to power should they be successful, they would consider that an added bonus and we can expect them to again treat the federal treasury as their personal piggy bank.

They would also return CFIUS to serving as a clearing house for foreign governments willing to pay for national security assets.

Through their mainstream media mouthpieces, Democrats had control over the narrative, and with it, the public’s inability to learn of CIA-DOJ-FBI-State Department misdeeds.

Misdeeds that violated multiple laws and guidelines meant to protect innocent people all in an effort to first discredit candidate Trump and later to remove President Trump.

Now that voters have naively entrusted Nancy Pelosi with the Speakership, she has moved with all haste to turn the House into an impeachment machine.

Madame Pelosi has refused to engage on all legislative initiatives and instead directed her attention to formulating the House impeachment strategy, and only the impeachment strategy.

Immediately upon being named Speaker, Pelosi published rules outlining the sequencing of the impeachment strategy.  A week later the DOJ confirmed the timing for Robert Mueller.

With the resignation of Rod Rosenstein eminent, and the confirmation of William Barr a virtual certainty, the Trump resistance movement appears to be on the verge of losing control over the DOJ-FBI flank that has so far carried the Democrats’ water.

That is if special counsel Robert Mueller’s sudden about face and decision to discredit (for the first time during his tenure) the phony BuzzFeed article last Friday was, as we suspect, due to the impending confirmation of William Barr as Attorney General.

If Barr is the white hat that we believe (hope) he is, that leaves Pelosi with newly seated chairmen, Elijah Cummings (Oversight), Adam Schiff (Intel), Jerrold Nadler (Judiciary) as the only generals she has left to conduct the coup of PResident Trump.

With that in mind, consider the “Demand Letter” Nadler sent to Acting AG Whitaker, yesterday.  I recommend reading the letter for yourself.

Nadler’s letter makes clear his intention to isolate President Trump from his Attorney General by demanding all communications between Whitaker both prior to and after his appointment by the president.

Nadler essentially warns Whitaker that any communication between Whitaker and his boss will be used as a predicate for obstruction charges.

That explains why Democrats coordinating the attempted coup in the Senate have demanded Barr promise to recuse himself from overseeing the special counsel’s investigation.

Notice how the resistance movement is now reversing their arguments so that all oversight resides in the House following two years of relying on DOJ and FBI leadership to block all exculpatory evidence of Donald Trump using the pretense that releasing such information would endanger national security.

What could possibly endanger our national security more than a coup of the president?

Then there’s this historic tidbit courtesy of an April 2013 article in Politico that Democrats thought all well and good when the situation was reversed:

Attorney General Eric Holder brushed off a question Thursday about when he might leave the administration. Instead, the top lawman professed his allegiance to President Barack Obama.

“I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done.  I’m still the President’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.

“I’m still the President’s wing-man.” – A.G. Eric Holder