Pelosi Moves to Seize Power: Creates New Rules to Circumvent Separation of Powers

Elder Patriot – Well that didn’t take long.  Incoming Speaker of the House, Marxist Nancy Pelosi, wan’t even seated yet when she moved to seize power that was reserved by the Framers for other branches of government.

Among a cadre of concerning rules changes announced by the incoming speaker is the creation of a division of lawyers, paid for using taxpayer funds, to defend Obamacare against any legal challenges.  In other words, the House (a political body) will employ taxpayer funds to defend a partisan political position.

Defending Obamacare, now that a Texas court has ruled it unconstitutional, should be played out in the Supreme Court.  Other than that, it becomes a political issue, not a legal one. And certainly not one for a partisan political body adjudicate.

Should the SC strike down Obamacare, it becomes incumbent upon legislators to rewrite the provisions found unconstitutional so that it does become constitutionally compliant.

House counsels have historically represented the entire body.  Now however, Pelosi is turning the House counsel into a partisan activist legal agency that will “advocate” for Democrat priorities and, as in this case, against the position of the U.S. Department of Justice, and use taxpayer funds to finance the scheme.

Pelosi has moved to set up, what amounts to, her own Department of Justice within House to fight against the Executive Branch U.S. Department of Justice.  The Framers separated those powers to achieve the carefully crafted checks and balances so critical to our constitutional form of government.

Pelosi has moved to set up her own politburo.

While Pelosi has disguised this as a defense of the (un)Affordable Care Act, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize the potential for this to be expanded far beyond that.  

Considering the House already has subpoena powers, if this stands, how hard does it become to envision the House expanding its authority to use our money to fund its own investigatory police, similar to the FBI?  Again, for partisan political purposes.

Imagine the political mayhem that is almost certain to result.

What will be the result when Pelosi leads the House in defunding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the newly minted legal team challenges the authority of the DOJ to prevent it?

You can read all of the new rules here:

Pelosi House Rules for New … by on Scribd