Pelosi-Led Democrats Refuse Border Security Briefing – Let That Sink In

Elder Patriot – Anyone who believes that border security can be achieved without a wall believes something that never was and never can be.  Walls work. Once you accept that fact you can start to understand who the Democrats really represent.

Presented with an opportunity for a classified briefing by Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi, incoming Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, and Democrat Whip Dick Durbin all refused.

Let that sink in.  This should be inexcusable for any leader who is entrusted with protecting “We the People.”

We already know our southern border has become a conduit for opioids, fentanyl, human traffickers, gangs, and terrorists, along with the illegal alien bloodsuckers coming here to feed off of our system.  (Whether illegal entrants access our welfare state or find work is immaterial.  If they work they take a job an American would’ve had suppressing the wages of American workers and/or force Americans to accept welfare.  Crime, infrastructure costs, schooling, fire protection, housing, all contribute to a greater – more costly – government. With perhaps 30 million illegal migrants in our country – one-tenth of the overall population – these costs become significant.)

But, have we considered which foreign governments might be funding the assault on that border?  Have we considered who is paying Democrats (and Republicans) to take such an indefensible position.

As an example, China has been engaging in predatory lending practices in Central America in order to expand its influence in our hemisphere.  Considering President Trump’s hardline stance against Beijing’s predatory trade practices against U.S. interests, and the crushing effect Trump’s policies are having on Chinese manufacturing, they would be a prime candidate to meddle in U.S. politics.

So too, would the multinational investment class that invested so heavily in China.

Remember, China’s rise to economic power, and ultimately to a U.S. national security threat, aligns with the decades  those Democrats, aligned against President Trump, have been in power.

Just sayin’.