Pelosi Leads Dems’ Suicide Mission

Elder Patriot – Looking back, I guess this was inevitable.  Made so by the election of Donald Trump.

Once high-ranking members of the Obama administration decided that Trump must be stopped, and proceeded to turn the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, and the State Department into one cohesive political hit machine targeting Trump, there would be no turning back.

After they failed in their bid to prevent his election, it was only a matter of time until the new president – beholden to no one except the American people – would be cleaning out their seditious nests.

Heck, Trump promised he would do that if elected:

Once you embrace the degree to which our government has been corrupted it becomes obvious that Democrat lies, accusations, and obstructionism are all being made in defense of themselves and their corrupt allies.

Those allies include Republicans whose promises remain unfulfilled even when they’re handed total control over the House, the Senate, and the Presidency as they were under George W. Bush and the first two years of the Trump presidency.

But, this article is about Pelosi and her stewardship of what has become a Kamikaze political operation.

That not a single veteran congressional or senatorial Democrat has broken ranks to support the policies that are improving the daily lives of American citizens and securing our nation’s security speaks volumes.

That Nancy Pelosi could be voted into the leadership position in the first place makes everything Democrats claim to stand for suspect.  

That is unless the aging Marxist who, prior to the vote to make her leader, agreed she’d only hold the Speakership for two years, had made clear that she was willing to fall on her sword to stop Trump before he could expose the entire UniParty/Media/Globalist cabal.

Let’s pause for a second.  After reading this far, it should be clear that I’m not writing this for the “orange man is bad” crowd.   

In the sane world, claims that Donald Trump is a Russian asset have been put to rest by the failure of the Intelligence Community, the DOJ, and a special counsel who have all had ample time to make their case that Trump is an asset of hostile foreign actors.

In the real world, a small cadre of investigative reporters, with little to no help from the IC or the special counsel, and suffering the enmity from the pro-cabal media, have pieced together proof that anti-Trump members of the UniParty, in their desperation to stop him from exposing their unAmerican activities, violated every Constitutional protection imaginable.

That is what Democrats are now hiding.  And nothing they have done over the two years of the Trump presidency has done anything to suggest differently.

Yesterday, President Trump made a fair offer that would’ve addressed important aspects of each party’s platform.  

Pelosi rejected it before hearing it.  

It should have been a starting point from which to begin negotiations.  Pelosi, and her fellow Democrats, owed at least that to the 800,000 furloughed workers, the 700,000 DACA designees, and 300,000 migrants whose temporary protected status is soon expiring.

Democrats demanded that the president first relinquish any and all leverage first, by reopening the government before they’d even begin talking.

They made that demand knowing it would be rejected.

The president is nobody’s fool.  He knows that once leverage is gone from a deal you become impotent to get what you want.  Ronald Reagan trusted Dems in 1986 and here we are 32 years later without resolution.

Democrats have a history of not bargaining in good faith.

Pelosi’s outright dismissal of Trump’s offer prior to hearing it is not a defensible position for any party leader.

That every Democrat with ties to the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign refuse to break ranks and negotiate in good faith, while continuing to lie about Russian collusion, proves one of two things or both:

  • They’re dirty.  They played at least some peripheral role in Clinton’s pay-to-play scheme, or defended it and the Obama administration’s weaponization of virtually every government agency.
  • They’re flat out Marxists intent on destroying our culture and bankrupting our country.

Or, both.

Like the Japanese Kamikaze pilots of WWII who chose to die in defense of a lost cause, Pelosi is on a suicide mission.