Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Bill Is Intended to Sabotage President Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – The Paul Ryan wing of the Republican Party has served as the funding adjunct of the Democratic Party.  The additional $10 Trillion in debt accumulated under Obama would never have grown that cumbersome if ex-Speaker John Boehner and, later, Ryan had not wanted it to. 

For the past 6 years Boehner and Ryan controlled the nation’s purse strings and could’ve shut down, or at least curtailed the growth of government but they chose to continue fleecing the American taxpayers to fund the growth of international corporations and banks.  Ryan’s irresponsible spending spree has resulted in the greatest concentration of wealth among the fewest people in the history of the modern world…and the lowest level of Americans able to find work in many decades.

The destruction of the middle class is, and has always been, the goal of statists like Ryan and another federal entitlement program – one that takes control of 16% (and growing) of the nation’s economy – is a giant step is a giant step in that direction/

So it came as no surprise when Ryan once again proved his devotion to Big Pharma and the nation’s healthcare insurers by fronting for what has been described as Obamacare light.

America cannot afford another entitlement program nor should we want one.  Our entitlement programs are awash in corruption and waste and are actuarially insolvent.  They are the enemy of prosperity, a sign that the people have lost hope and given up on the American dream.

Claims by defenders of the current system that millions of Americans will lose their healthcare if Obamacare is repealed ignores the fact that millions of other Americans lost their healthcare precisely because of the burdens of Obamacare. 

There’s simply no way to insure everyone and be able to pay for it.  Legislating the punishment of productive citizens so that the service they need is no longer affordable to them because their money has been redirected to fund society’s less productive members access to that service is un-American on its face.

Ultimately the goal is access to healthcare.   Insurance is a costly intermediary that is not needed.  If the government really wanted to provide cost-effective healthcare to those who can least afford it insurers would be written out of the equation.

Doctors all pay taxes at or near the highest marginal rates.  Let’s rewrite the tax code so that doctors are incentivized to provide services at free local clinics in exchange for a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their taxes?  Or, for additional tax reductions they can schedule program participants for appointments in their own offices.

This free market approach would provide those unable to pay for their healthcare service with access to the same doctors as those who can pay.  It will also put downward pressure on the cost curve because as a doctor’s fees grew beyond the reach of their paying patients more would opt to visit their local clinics until such time as the doctors began working fewer hours there because their level of taxable income no longer warranted donating their time as generously.

This would eliminate the artificially imposed market forces that have driven healthcare beyond the reach of most Americans.

Likewise, there have also been many options offered for lowering insurance costs by making the markets more competitive not less like Obamacare did and predictably that proved to be it’s downfall.

Health insurers, the AMA, and Big Pharma are major funders of the political establishment.  Their interests will be protected by Ryan and his Senate counterpart Mitch McConnell before the interests of America’s taxpayers are.

If Ryan successfully pushes this version of Obamacare 2.0 into law it will go along way towards undermining President Trump’s promise to restore prosperity to America’s working class and it will clear the way for his 2020 presidential run.