Paul Ryan Purposely Torpedoed Healthcare Reform to Destroy the Republican Party

ELDER PATRIOT – And you thought now that Republicans were given control of all three branches of government they would apply conservative and Constitutional principles to solve the problems of the American people?  How foolish.

If Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan was the repeal and replacement of Obamacare that Republicans promised he would’ve found the votes to get it passed.  That there are 31 conservative patriots blocking its passage and not a single Democrat having voiced support for it shows just how poorly constructed the bill is.

Ryan, working under a cloak of secrecy that angered Rand Paul and other Republican lawmakers that wanted a seat at the table during the writing of the bill, really had to work to put together a plan that would fail to lower costs but simply rearranges the deck chairs of who will be punished most under his plan rather than under Obama’s.

For those of you who doubt that Ryan would deliberately commit his party to political suicide take a look at these poll numbers that show Democrats getting a 33-point bump from the badly mishandled bill that has Ryan’s fingerprints all over it every step of the way.

The poll was conducted by Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group on March 23 and matches the lopsidedly populist anti-Ryancare results of a Quinnipiac poll released on the same day.  

This led Harry Reid’s former deputy chief of staff to tweet:

For an experienced party leader to commit such a gross miscalculation of voters’ reaction is not likely.  The fact that Ryan deliberately refused input from members of his own party points to the likelihood that he intended to torpedo the repeal and replace bill from the outset. 

If he honestly believed that members of his own party were off-base on some aspects of the legislation why didn’t he seek the necessary votes from Democrats?  That, after all, is the “sausage making” aspect legislation that us commoners find so distasteful.

So, it’s fair to ask why would Ryan have led his party to the precipice of politicide when the Democrats had been so marginalized by voters that they had been rendered impotent and perhaps relegated to the ash heap of history only months before?

There are two reasons.  Without Ryan’s help the left-right paradigm was dead and buried.  For politicians, and especially for the transnational corporations and bankers that control them, the left-right paradigm is essential to keeping the rest of us arguing over issues they couldn’t care less about while they push through global trade agreements and ignore our national sovereignty.

That is why stridently conservative Republican leaders supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign even though they knew it would also end gun rights, religious liberty, the pro-life movement, and the rest of the Republican fifteen-point agenda.  Hillary’s promise to continue leading us towards the globalist agenda was all that mattered to everyone from the Koch brothers, to Mitt Romney, to Paul Ryan.

The second reason Ryan was willing to fall on his filthy sword is to deal Trump a stinging defeat that may turn him into a one-term president.  This stalls Trump’s pro-growth agenda and may well spell defeat for his tax cuts as well.  It’s now become likely that the Dems, who only a week ago looked like dead meat in the mid-term elections, may well take back the house at which point they’d be able to block Trump without Ryan’s help (at which point he can return to acting as though he’s a conservative.)

Republicans who continue backing Ryan as Speaker should no longer be trusted.  It’s time to Drain the Swamp!

Mr. Trump, take control of this legislative initiative before Ryan succeeds in destroying your presidency.