Part Two – Obama-Soros Conspiring to Start Violent U.S. Revolution to Remove President Trump

Elder Patriot – Yesterday we suggested that George Soros, MGM CEO James Murren, and the Saudi air force were involved in staging the massacre on the night of October 1.

We also placed Barack Obama at the nexus of conspiring with Soros and the Saudis to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

While each have their own reasons for what happened in Las Vegas and for what is about to begin on Saturday they all share a common goal – end Trump’s America First presidency.  And, there is evidence to suggest that the Russians are involved as well.

Previously we pointed out at least two Antifa linked websites that are calling for nationwide civil disruptions beginning tomorrow November 4th.   Their hope is that the protests will take on a life of their own and grow into a violent revolution.

See for yourself:

RefuseFascism and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA websites both call for the violent overthrow of the Trump-Pence “regime” beginning tomorrow in selected cities across the country.

By itself this is nothing new for groups like this.  What separates these groups – and others – from past iterations are how well funded they became under the Obama administration and how Obama’s Deep State operatives, planted inside the FBI and elsewhere throughout key government positions, have protected them while they grew.

In early March we reported on the damning evidence investigative reporter Jerome Corsi found that implicated Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder in funneling money from DOJ settlements with large banks directly to radical leftwing groups including Black Lives Matter and La Raza.    

At the time Corsi had uncovered proof that $3 billion had changed hands in this manner.  By June we learned that in just one such instance, Attorney General Eric Holder forced Bank of America into a $17 billion payout much of which was then distributed directly to subversive leftwing groups.  Many of these organizations later resorted to violence against police and Donald Trump’s supporters during the presidential campaign.

Couple these indeterminate billions of dollars with funding from mega-billionaires including Tom Steyer and George Soros and you have a well-funded revolutionary Army.  Soros alone recently pumped an additional $18 billion into his Open Borders Society that will be responsible for the distribution of this money to groups that include radically anti-American, La Raza, Puente Human Rights Movement, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF,) the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC,) Black Lives Matter and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, to name just a few, while also giving directly to Hillary’s campaign through Super PACs Americans United for Change, Democracy Partners, and People For The American Way.

You should recognize these groups.  They were are the center of the violent protests outside – and sometimes inside – President Trump’s campaign rallies.

They destroyed Ferguson and Baltimore, and perpetrated massive property damage from Washington D.C. to Hamburg, Germany.  This week we learned that Antifa has been getting logistical and training support from ISIS and al Qaeda.

There’s also evidence to suggest that Russia has a hand in this.  Just Wednesday, BuzzFeed ran this headline, Thousands Of New Yorkers Took To The Streets In An Anti-Trump March Promoted By Russia-Linked Account with this sub-heading, BlackMattersUS, a social media campaign believed to be Russians meddling in US politics, promoted the march in the days after the 2016 election.

Now let’s focus our attention on Barack Obama’s organizational guidance that helped these groups to alter America’s political debate both while he was president and now that he has left the White House.

We know that BLM had been frequent visitors to the White House thanks to the help of their Godmother, Valerie Jarrett.  It is likely that Jarrett gave similar guidance to many, if not all, of the other groups that were mentioned above. 

Jarrett’s FBI file reveals that, Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer and longtime Obama confidant, is a liberal extremist who still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Jarrett and her family also had strong ties to Frank Marshal Davis, a big Obama mentor and Communist Party member with an extensive FBI file.

Since leaving the White House, Obama has been organizing the resistance to President Trump from his Kalorama command center located two miles from the White House.  Valerie Jarrett also lives there with the Obamas.

By February of this year Obama had already assembled an army of 30,000 trained activist agitators through the network of leftist nonprofits that we discussed above, and led by Organizing for Action that takes their orders directly from Obama and Jarrett.  These agitators report to OFA’s 250 offices nationwide.

Just as Obama ordered the IRS’s tortuous treatment of conservatives OFA and other anarchist groups were readily granted tax-exempt – and reporting exempt – status.  Your tax dollars are supporting the coming revolution.

Also coordinating with, and taking orders from, Barack Obama is a wide swath of activist judges, Obama holdovers within every department of government, and the Congressional Democratic caucus that have prevented President Trump’s nominees from being approved:

  • These activist judges will be overturned by higher courts but they serve to stall Trump’s American First agenda while others effort to remove him through impeachment or through the provisions of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.  Both are political and not legal proceeding.
  • If that were to happen, there are enough Obama holdovers remaining in the shadow government to pick up where Obama and Congress left off this January.

Obama twisted and ignored federal law to move the government in the direction of his Marxist ideology while he was president.  George Soros served as a reliable source of funding of the anarchist street activists who served as social justice puppets for Obama’s agenda.

Soros is a diabolical mega-billionaire who has funded revolutions before so that his hedge fund could reap the financial benefits.  He cut his teeth as a 14-year old youngster selling out his fellow Jews to the Nazis and then participating in the confiscation of their property:

Soros’ only interest is money and betting against corporations that will be hurt by the coming civil strife – especially with the stock market at an all-time high – is like picking apples in an orchard to him.  As we revealed yesterday, George Soros had shorted MGM stock to the tune of $42 million only two weeks before the Mandalay Bay terror attack. 

The Saudi’s are not our friends.  They proved that on 9/11.  At best we maintain an uneasy alliance with them.  Their primary goal when it comes to the West is the spread of Wahabbism and Obama nurtured that by placing Saudi operatives throughout his administration not the least of who were Valerie Jarrett and Clinton confidant Huma Abedin.

In exchange the Saudis committed massive amounts of money to helping Hillary get elected to ensure the continued placement of Wahabbi operatives in key government positions as well as soft peddling the war on of these policies and to obscure Obama’s unholy alliance with them.

Consider also that the cities Antifa has chosen to roll out their protests are all sanctuary cities with mayors who are likely to give stand down orders to their police.  That would allow the protests to take root.

Whether or not these protests are able to inflame a legitimate civil war may be contingent on whether the UN becomes involved. 

With the aid of a compliant Republican legislature, Obama signed a pact with the U.N. calling for UN policing of American cities under the Strong Cities Network.

There is no allowance in the enumerated powers of the U.S. Constitution that gives the president or any other branch of the federal government any authority to police American citizens.  This has been left to the states and to their municipalities and certainly there is no allowance for an outside foreign entity to be invited in.

Nowhere does the Constitution give the president authority to quarter foreign troops on U.S. soil.  If anything, the presence of foreign military personnel within our borders would qualify as an act of war requiring the president to be responsible for their immediate removal.

Tomorrow’s protests may prove to be big nothing burger in terms of starting a civil war.  But with 600 sanctuary cities nationwide the specter of that many Ferguson’s erupting at one time is frightening.

Whatever happens tomorrow will tell us at least one thing – who is running the United States, Obama, Soros, and the Saudis or Donald J. Trump.