Panicked Dems Effort to Block Release of Memo: Say Their Constituents are Too Ignorant to Understand it

Elder Patriot – Democrats Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Permanent Intelligence Committee on Intelligence, and Dianne Feinstein, the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary and the Vice Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committees alternatively told reporters that Americans who ask too many questions are agents of Vladimir Putin and too stupid to understand all of this anyway. 

They are both working to block the release of evidence of criminal behavior, ostensibly because we’re too stupid to understand it and if we did we were probably Russian spies. 

The fact is they’ve both been fine with leaking information that they believed damaging to President Trump.  Now that the evidence threatens to expose members of their party they are running a Chinese fire drill trying to keep you from seeing it.

Schiff is among the most virulent demagogues among elected Democrats.  Feinstein is far more subtle but no less disingenuous and dangerous.

Schiff recently appeared on CNN where he put the lie to any pretense that Democrat voters were smarter than the rest of us when he contended they shouldn’t release the FISA memo because the American people can’t understand it.”

Schiff’s response came following this question by host Ana Cabrera:

“Why not allow people to look at it and let Americans make the decision for themselves about whether it’s useful information or not?”

Schiff: “Well, because the American people unfortunately don’t have the underlying materials.”

Oh, okay.  Gotcha. Can we see the underlying materials then?  Both Feinstein and Schiff accused those of us who are asking to see the evidence of being agents for Vladimir Putin.  Really?

Schiff has been leaking like a sieve ever since the House began investigating but now that the evidence is proving to be damaging to the entire Democratic apparatus Schiff suddenly wants to shut off all communications with us unwashed idiots.

He complained “Republicans are not saying make the underlying materials available to the public.” 

That’s choice.  That may play in front of a complicit CNN anchor but we all know Republicans would be willing to make it all public but the Justice Department – that has been corrupting from one end to the end thanks to both Clintons and Obama – sent their leadership a panicked letter asking them not to release anything claiming it would threaten national security.

Screw that.  What about the personal security of Americans?  How did we get lost in this equation?

It’s time that Feinstein and Schiff are forced to allow sunlight to be the best disinfectant and stop keeping us in the dark in a way that would make Putin envious.