NFL Players Are This Generation’s Useful Idiots

September 25, 2017

Elder Patriot – When President Trump called out NFL owners for tolerating players who go to the knees during the playing of our national anthem he set ablaze a national firestorm.  This was not an

President Trump’s Strange Endorsement Explained

September 23, 2017

Elder Patriot – At first glance President Trump’s endorsement of establishment favorite “Big” Luther Strange in Tuesday’s special election, to determine which Republican would be Jeff Sessions successor, would appear to indicate he has been

Recent Admissions Expose Obama to Multiple Felony Charges

September 23, 2017

Elder Patriot – Lt Col Tony Shaffer (retired) is highly experienced intelligence and counterintelligence officer who recognizes an intelligence operation when he sees one. His resume is extensive and includes, but is far from limited

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