Is Kim Dotcom the Actual Q?

July 28, 2018

Elder Patriot – Famed internet hacker/blogger Kim Dotcom posted a tweet last evening that raised an interesting question, is Kim actually Q? After years of struggle I have never been more optimistic that we can

Obama Unmasked: Of Course Elections are Rigged

July 28, 2018

Elder Patriot – Barack Obama was nothing if not a duplicitous liar who constantly talked out of both sides of his mouth depending on his audience.  Here’s another example of Obama’s hypocrisy: FLASHBACK: Obama in

BOOM! Second Quarter GDP Spikes 4.1%

July 27, 2018

Elder Patriot – President Trump delivered on his campaign promise to unleash the the business community by reducing onerous regulations and taxes.  And, just as he knew, the economy responded. Gross Domestic Product exploded upwards

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