Woodward: I Looked Hard But Found No Collusion

September 15, 2018

Elder Patriot – Bob Woodward wrote a scathing rebuke of President Trump’s management style that he says causes mayhem in the White House. Byron York explained Woodward’s modus operandi: Bob Woodward’s new book Fear: Trump

MAGAnomics Trumps Blue Wave

September 13, 2018

Elder Patriot – Unless Americans are going to be voting against their own financial interests it’s getting difficult to fathom what might fuel a blue wave in November. Unemployment is at record lows across every

Hero Navy SEAL Drops Truth Bomb on Con Man Obama

September 9, 2018

Elder Patriot – One of the great talents of con men is to get you to concentrate your attention on a less important item while they’re busy defrauding you of a much bigger prize.  This

Black Trump Supporter: The Hate Came From Obama

September 9, 2018

Elder Patriot – With competing rallies on either side of the street, those minorities who were there to show their support for President Trump were asked why they support Trump and where they felt most

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