Gun Violence in Texas: The Real Story is Six Seconds

December 30, 2019

By now you already know that there was another church shooting.  This one in Texas.   Houses of worship make for easy pickings for mass shooters because the targets are praying and focused forward… away from

Where the F@ck is Huma Abendin’s Laptop???

September 6, 2019

“Just because you get to pick your master every 4 years does not mean you are free.” Elder Patriot – Our Founders, as brilliant as they were, feared the advent of a two-party system.  They

Police Could’ve Prevented Midland/Odessa Shootings

September 3, 2019

Elder Patriot – The federal government has spent more than $50Trillion since 9/11.  It is assumed a significant amount, ostensibly, went to developing the most sophisticated intelligence gathering network money could buy. Other than creating

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