Overwhelming Evidence That Obama is Leading Efforts to Deliver the United States to the New World Order By Any Means Necessary

ELDER PATRIOT – Back in 2008, Barack Obama, then a presidential candidate, declared: We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Now, eight years later we know that as president, Obama only undermined our national security by refusing to secure our borders, even actively preventing those states that attempted to enforce existing immigration laws from doing so, and used our economy to fund the economic growth of the new world order at the expense of the American people. 

While Obama never realized his version of Hitler’s Brownshirts, we have seen the growth of a well-funded anti-American protest movement under the direction of both President Obama and now the ex-president from the resistance headquarters he is occupying only two miles from the White House.

Obama had wanted the Brownshirts to deploy against America’s eighty million patriotic gun owners because he anticipated the need to protect his rioting street protesters from them.  There should be little doubt in retrospect that if he had been successful in institution such a civilian military force it would’ve looked like the leather-clad Black Panthers.

Fortunately America’s patriots kept their powder dry and bided their time until the charismatic Satanist could be deposed legally through the electoral process proving that gun owners can be trusted possessing over 300,000,000 rifles and handguns.

Obama used his presidency to develope a broad network of anti-American activists to help undermine U.S. sovereignty.  Highly placed operatives sympathetic to advancing the new world order command large swaths of our government, academia, and the media.  Their goal is to eviscerate our Constitution and the First Principles that it protects. 

These anti-American forces control federal agencies, state houses, the Federal Reserve, the education establishment, corporations, banks, and the entertainment and news media and they are operating in full-throated resistance to Donald Trump’s nationalist agenda.  This group also includes many members of Congress who look to Chuck Schumer for their marching orders.

Evidence that this is happening is everywhere:

Department of Justice: While Schumer was leading the Senate’s obstruction of Jeff Sessions as Secretary of the Department of Justice, Obama holdover and acting Attorney General Sally Yates refused to follow President Trump’s direct orders.

Federal Courts: The decision handed down by the Ninth Circuit ignored the Constitution’s mandate giving the president exclusive power over foreign entry into the United States. 

Department of State: Following the Ninth Circuit’s ruling the State Department began doubling the number of entrants from the countries that President Trump sought to protect us from before the ruling could be appealed or a new Executive Order issued.

State and Local Governments: There are at least 200 sanctuary cities, and at least one state considering declaring sanctuary status for itself, that are defying longstanding federal immigration laws in opposition to the new president and the will of the voters who elected him.

Federal Reserve: Following years of zero interest rates to prevent Obama’s economy from collapsing the Fed announced a series of rate increases immediately following Trump’s electoral victory.

The Education Establishment:  Despite decades of producing declining educational results, public schools and colleges under Democrat control have aligned to block any discussion of the changes necessary to reverse that trend that Trump has promised. 

Only a week after Obama’s paid street disruptors did their best to destroy the UC Berkeley campus to prevent conservative Milo Yiannopoulos from being heard they denied Trump’s newly seated Education Secretary entry to a high school that she is now in charge of.

Interestingly, UC Berkeley, a public institution has used federal tax dollars to fund far left candidates including being the largest donor to Hillary Clinton over her career according to OpenSecrets.

The leftist controlled media would like you to believe that these are the checks and balances that our Founders built into our government but in truth nothing could be farther from the Founders’ vision of small government and the accountability of elected officials that they sought to provide the nation’s citizens.

It is this government leviathan that Obama has relied on to undermine our Constitution and with it America’s sovereignty.  And, these deeply rooted globalist Obama sycophants remain committed to carrying out Obama’s marching orders even to the point of committing sedition.

Of equal importance to Obama’s strategy is his reliance on the theater that is provided by the protestors to create the impression that Americans are in open revolt against the Trump administration thereby suggesting a moral imperative makes this unlawful and seditious behavior is justified.

Make no mistake, the ex-president is orchestrating his seditious plan from exile and this is why President Trump will soon come under heavy media fire when he and his department heads begins the necessary wholesale cleansing and downsizing of these anti-America agencies.

America made a grave mistake electing Barack Obama and he is prepared to do everything he can – legal or otherwise – to prevent Donald Trump from reversing the damage he has done to America and our uniquely American ideals.