Out of Bullets: Schiff-led Democrats Resort to Twisting Intel Briefing into Russia Meddling 2.0

After four years of scheming and colluding to destroy Donald Trump, there’s nothing left for the Deep State cabal to attack him over.

The desperation became palpable during Tuesday night’s dumpster fire of a debate.  With their internal polling numbers showing no way to shake free support from President Trump’s growing base of voters, Dem candidates turned on each other.

It was a free-for-all of such savagery that we had to keep from laughing out loud.  Whatever they were fighting over, it isn’t because they believe they have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the 2020 presidential election.

The Democrat Party is so deeply divided that there is no way to heal those wounds for this election cycle, if ever.  Even the sycophantic apologists on CNN, MSNBC, et al, admitted the winner of Tuesday’s Democrat debate was Donald Trump.

The corrupt construct of Obama-era holdovers within the Democratic Party have been mostly successful in holding President Trump’s swamp cleaning at bay until now but they fully realize what’s coming… especially when voters give him another four years to finish the job.

So what does Adam Schiff and other corrupt Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee do?  Open the Democrat playbook and flip back to the Russian collusion page. Here is a deeper description of exactly what unfolded yesterday:

(CTH) The New York Times and a host of allied political narrative engineers attempted to spin up another Russia narrative yesterday.  The claim surrounds a briefing by DNI Joseph Maguire to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).  Adam Schiff and house democrats in the briefing claim DNI Maguire stated Russians favored President Trump and would work to assist his re-election.

The Democrat spin was to claim President Trump replaced Maguire as an outcome of this briefing; and Trump wants to ignore Russia interference assistance. etc. etc.  The media ran with the framework of the Democrat narrative; and the political operative piled-on.

Unfortunately for Democrats, CNN’S Jake Tapper revealed the facts through his Twitter feed

This leaves us wondering what happened when Democrats regained control of the House in 2018, Russians apparently decided not to meddle?

Funny that.

Tapper added… Then there’s the matter of the tense meeting between President Trump and erstwhile Acting Director of National Intelligence Admiral Maguire. “The President was upset that he had to hear about an intelligence conclusion from a Member of the House Republicans rather than from the intelligence community. So he was out of joint with Maguire on that process.”

Forget the media spin about Joe McGuire, President Trump had every right to be irate when he learned from House Republicans that DNI Joseph Maguire would brief congress without informing the White House. 

The briefing material highlights a possible intent by Maguire to undermine the President.  

Such a loss of trust cannot exist between any president and his DNI.  Trump was right to end McGuire’s role as DNI.