The Opportunity Presented By the CalExit Movement

ELDER PATRIOT – As much as we may think the CalExit movement is just another idea of the lunatic Left that should be dismissed out of hand, it might be worth giving it additional consideration.

The lone concession the remaining forty-nine states should insist on before allowing California to exit the union is splitting the conservative eastern portion of the Golden State into a separate state of it’s own.  In fact, the eastern portion of the state should be allowed to for its own state regardless of CalExit.

It Californians feel disenfranchised by current U.S. policy imagine how the residents of eastern California feel about their state government.

California’s eastern counties comprise approximately 52% of the state’s land mass, have a combine population larger that 20 other states, and vote overwhelmingly conservative.  Like the larger CalExit movement that seeks to exert it’s own right to choose, so too should the residents of the state’s eastern half have the same right.


Taken together, the 29 eastern counties would comprise the nation’s 30th most populated state.  With 3,579,980 residents EastCal should command the same number of Congressional representatives – and influence – as Connecticut.

Under the current formula for apportionment, EastCal would command  7 seven electoral votes giving them five congressmen and senators – more than 19 other states.

Residents of EastCal are politically active as well.  Even with elections often decided well before California’s polls close, and with California’s decidedly liberal slant, EastCal votes in large numbers – more than 17 states that vote earlier on election day, except for Alaska.

Logistically, the Federal Court System is already in alignment:

With 55 representatives in Congress, California, as it is currently structured, exerts more influence than 15 of our smaller states combined.  If California makes a serious push to exit the union, EastCal should be given the option of staying and forming it’s own state.

For that reason alone, EastCal should become a reality whether CalExit happens or not.  It simply defies the principles of self-government for Eastern California to remain under the jack-booted authoritarian state government that is being imposed on them.