OPINION: Emoluments, Russia, Obstruction, Ukraine Impeachment, Wuhan Virus, Tanking the Economy… Designed to Obscure What the Swamp Has Done to Us…

For those having trouble understanding the level of vitriol that President Trump has endured since before he took the oath of office, consider the possibility that prior to his election the U.S. government had engaged in the most significant abuse of power imaginable.

And the possibility (likelihood) that abuse continues to this day.

Chris Farrell is the Director of Investigations and Research at Judicial Watch.  You used to be able to hear him discuss his work on Fox News and Fox Business Network until he was banned by Fox’s management in October 2018 over specious claims of anti-semiticism.

Farrell recently penned an op-ed that appeared in the Daily Caller, entitled Spygate Could Make Watergate Look Like a Third-Rate Burglary:

(Chris Farrell) The Spygate scandal is shaping up to be the most significant political abuse of government power in history. And it may be even larger than people expect.

The investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the FBI’s Russian collusion investigation – or as President Trump prefers to call it, the witch hunt – continues to expand. Durham reportedly opened criminal investigations last fall. And unlike the narrow Justice Department Inspector General’s review of the abuse of the FISA process, Durham is looking into the questionable activities of other government agencies, in particular the CIA and its former director John Brennan.

The widening scope involves not only the agencies being investigated, but who was being targeted and why. Earlier last week Sharyl Attkisson reported that, based on her sources in the intelligence and law enforcement communities, the authorizations to spy on Trump functionaries such as Carter Page or former campaign manager Paul Manafort were actually pretexts for a much more expansive web of surveillance that could include anyone in contact with Page, or even anyone twice removed from the ostensible target. Hence, thousands of people could have been unknowingly caught up in the Spygate web and are still unaware that their privacy had been violated under the severely compromised FISA process.

Did all of that illegal surveillance arm the Obama administration with compromising information on key members of congress, their family members, and their support staff that could be exploited to move their progressive agenda?

But, there’s more, even a more troubling possibility.  Farrell doesn’t limit his allegations to Obama administration corruption prior to President Trump taking office, but after as well…

There is also the matter of President Obama finalizing rules in the closing days of his administration that opened the raw, unedited information feeds collected by the National Security Agency to all of the 16 other agencies in the Intelligence Community before any privacy protections are implemented. This ill-considered and unnecessary rule change vastly expanded the potential for abuse in the system and was a curious move for Obama to make in the waning days of his presidency.

However, it makes perfect sense if you believe that Obama officials were doing their utmost to put in place a bureaucratic infrastructure seeking to undermine the Trump administration before it began.

Does Obama maintain an army of compromised government employees situated in key positions along with his knowledge of compromised members of congress, et al?

Why would so many members of congress continue protecting Obama’s legacy, otherwise.  Why did they protect him when he was abusing the Constitution for eight years?

This scene from the Godfather illustrates the power of owning a powerful person by knowing (creating) their compromise: 

Compromise is the best understood and most effective currency in Washington, D.C.

Compromise makes the actions targeting President Trump by agents within the NSC, the FBI, the State Department, Congress, the Department of Justice – even after Attorney General Barr took control – far more understandable.

The fact is, candidate Trump scared the bejeezus out of the rotting, corrupt swamp when he delivered this short campaign speech a few weeks prior to his election…

If not to enrich themselves then…

Why would they have shipped our jobs and our critical manufacturing infrastructure to foreign countries when an idiot could have predicted what the result would be?

Why would they applaud freeing $150 Billion to the world’s largest terrorist funding agents… Iran?

Why would they welcome the flood of our borders with illegal aliens carrying who knows what diseases, massive quantities of drugs that poison our children, burden our already overburdened welfare system and social programs, and that encourages human trafficking?

Why would they literally clear the path for the communist Chinese to steal our intellectual property, gain access to our military technologies, own our industries, control our personal data, and grow into a military power?

Why else this, immediately following Trump’s election…

What, at that point, had he done?

When the facts are against their clients, criminal defense attorneys impugn the integrity of the witnesses against them, the police who arrested them, the prosecutors who bring the case to court, and even the judge who presides over the case.

These same defense attorneys influence the potential jury pool by using the media to advance doubts about the veracity of the case against their clients.  Imagine how helpful the media would be if their personal compromises were known to these defense attorneys.

Emoluments, Russia, obstruction, Ukraine impeachment, Wuhan virus, tanking the economy… were they all an escalating pattern designed to keep President Trump on the defensive and prevent him from exposing what the swamp has done to us?

With U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation expanding in a number of directions…