The Only Ones Left Listening to Hillary Are Sicker Than She Is

Elder Patriot – Remember back during her campaign for president when Hillary Clinton used Donald Trump’s demand that the election results be independently verified before he’d accept the results, because he had learned of the widespread electoral fraud and voter fraud that her agents were planning, to discredit the future president?

We guess what the narcissistic bitch is saying now when she was asked about it during an interview with NPR:

NPR: I want to get back to the question, would you completely rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now?”

Hillary Clinton: “No. I would not. I would say —”

NPR: “You’re not going to rule it out.”

Hillary Clinton: “No, I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Interestingly, Hillary’s cronies in Congress are doing everything they can to block President Trump’s Voter Integrity Commission that would verify the results of the last election.  What are they afraid of uncovering?

Perhaps there’s no evidence of Russian interference after all?  Or, perhaps there’s evidence of serious voting machine tampering that will show that Trump won the popular vote as well.  Or, just maybe Hillary turned out enough illegal voters to affect a number of house and senate races and that saved her from an even more embarrassing Electoral College defeat.

The only people left supporting the wicked witch are anarchists, government dependents, and illegal aliens.

Now we learn that Hillary has moved $800,000 of her campaign money to fund the start-up of her new political action group, Onward Together, that she began soliciting donations for on May 15th.

Onward Together claims to be funding five different far left groups, Indivisible, Swing Left, Color of Change, Emerge America and Run for Something.

The Daily Caller reached out to all five political groups, and asked them to confirm that Onward Together has, in fact, been funding and supporting their groups. Only one group, Indivisible, the Soros-backed “resistance” group denied receiving any funding. 

Indivisible Spokesperson Helen Kalla did acknowledge that Onward Together had supplied material support by “amplifying and highlighting our work through their digital networks,” through “retweeting [Indivisible], and they’ve highlighted our work via their emails to their list too.”

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that the five groups Clinton has targeted for her support are “resistance” and Alt-Left extremist groups such as ANTIFA.

No wonder why Hillary Clinton included this message to her email to potential donors:

 “You may not have heard much about the work we’re doing at Onward Together.  That’s because we’re working behind the scene to fund, support, and amplify the work of the groups we’re supporting. We’re not the story: they are.”

What?  Hillary Clinton has always made herself the story!

Hillary Clinton was and remains the greatest threat our American Democracy