One Question Regarding Michael Flynn That Makes Mueller Squirm

Elder Patriot- Michael Flynn’s work on behalf of the Turkish government has become the subject of swamp consigliore Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt against President Trump. 

According to who you believe, Flynn was either helping Turkish President Recep Erdogan extradite a radical Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen who was operating a multi-billion dollar charter school Islamic indoctrination program or he was plotting with Erdogan to kidnap a kindly old cleric living peacefully in the Poconos to satisfy the bloodlust of the Turkish president.

In trying to discern what actually happened consider the following facts:

  • Turkey is a NATO ally and while primarily a Muslim state it is a secular country. 
  • On July 15 2016 there was an attempted coup d’état against the Turkish president.
  • Flynn had spent a significant part of his military career shaping U.S. counterterrorism strategy and dismantling insurgent networks around the world the charge.
  • In 2014 Barack Obama fired General Flynn despite his stellar record after Flynn alerted the president that Fethullah Gulen was building a nationwide network feeding radical Islamic beliefs.
  • Following the coup attempt the Turkish government retained Flynn to do work on its behalf.  Flynn was paid $530,000 for his work.  That’s hardly enough to conduct an exfiltration operation.
  • By the middle of Obama’s last year in office it had become fairly well documented that his administration had knowingly supplied arms and other materiel support to many of the most radical insurgent groups terrorizing the Middle East.
  • At least one speech that Gulen made removes any doubt about his strategy at least as it pertains to Turkey, “You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey.”
  • The Obama administration was directing billions of taxpayers’ dollars into Gulen’s charter schools. 

You’re free to draw your own conclusions before Robert Muller finds a way to paint Flynn, a true American patriot, as a foreign operative.

Regardless, there is one important question Mueller can’t answer, why is any of this grounds for going after President Trump?

Flynn’s work for Turkey all took place while Obama was president.  NBC News reports that Flynn’s contract with Turkey ended the day after Trump won the election.  Obama’s presidency extended more than another two months.

Once the candidates are set for the national election they begin receiving intelligence briefings.  If Flynn was a national security threat why wasn’t candidate Trump made aware of it so that he might take appropriate action? 

Obama’s politicization of our intelligence agencies to spy on his enemies has been exposed in recent weeks.  Now it appears that these agencies either deliberately withheld national security information from candidate Trump or they are simply making it up as they go along to damage the president.

It’s becoming obvious that for these Deep State globalists, patriots like Flynn and Trump must be disposed of by any means necessary.

Given the fact that Obama, his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, his Attorney General Loretta Lynch, his Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, and the heads of his Stasi-esque intelligence agencies that included John Brennan, James Clapper, and Jim Comey were all responsible for knowing what Flynn was up to at the time, Why haven’t they been deposed under oath and asked why they didn’t they do something to stop him at the time?

The only reasonable explanation is that Gulen is a radical and they didn’t want their knowledge of Gulen’s network of radical madrassas exposed.

Gulen must be smiling at how he wait[ed] until such time as [he has] gotten all the state power, until [Obama has] brought to Gulen’s side all the power of the constitutional institutions in [the United States.]”