After One Hundred Days In The Swamp President Trump is Kicking Democrat Ass

ELDER PATRIOT – The establishment media has worked itself into a frenzy grading Donald Trump’s

First 100 days as president.  According to which side you listen to he’s either he’s had the most prolific first 100 days of any president or he’s been a complete bust having failed to move a single piece of major legislation while doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin.

Both sides of the MSM echo chamber are ignoring President Trump’s most important accomplishment to date.  He is draining the swamp and the swamp is draining itself.

During the campaign many of us felt that if Trump did nothing more than blow up the Washington establishment he would have a successful presidency.  With less than 7% of his term now history he is well on his way to accomplishing exactly that.  Here’s how Trump has turned the strategies of the American Left against them.

The Left had been empowered and emboldened under the leadership of ex-President Barack Obama leading them to engage in a level of corruption not seen in modern times.  In the corrupt cesspool that is Washington DC, that’s saying a lot.  Their confidence that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in to succeed Obama only emboldened them further.

As the election neared internal polls began to show that Trump had a serious chance of winning.  Democrats began realizing that, if Trump meant what he was saying, the walls of justice would soon be closing in around them.

The result was Trump’s campaign promise to “Drain the Swamp,” terrified them to such a degree that they chose to go on the offensive and in the process resorted to the most outlandish charges they could think of against Trump.  They also resorted to using pejoratives that denigrated themselves in the eyes of the majority of Americans.  Trump Derangement Syndrome was is full flower.

Today only 28% of the electorate believe the Democratic Party shares their concerns and once “respected” leaders like Nancy Pelosi (House Minority Leader) and Maxine Waters are viewed as little more than a sideshow worth listening to only to hear what outlandish statement is coming next.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is seen as an obstructionist and the rest of the party is viewed the same way.  Consider this, after 100 days Trump still has not had his entire cabinet confirmed.

Additionally, Progressive judges have been rejected by the vast majority of voters for blocking President Trump’s common sense Executive Orders on immigration and sanctuary cities.

Dissatisfaction with rogue judges who seem to be doing the bidding of the most extreme elements of the Left will be a major weapon for Trump to wield in the midterm elections.  Harken back to the 2016 election when then candidate Trump made restoring sanity to the Supreme Court one of the primary reasons to vote for him.

Even the Dems’ vaunted grassroots ground game has been exposed as violent anarchist mercenaries and weak-kneed snowflakes.

As president Trump’s policy initiatives have proven more popular than not with the broad electorate.  Even those who don’t like him personally find themselves considering whether their Congressmen and Senators are opposing him for political and not policy reasons.

Trump has put policy ahead of personality while Democrats have chosen to do the opposite leaving the Democrats looking like cartoon characters instead of important leaders:

This began well before the election and has intensified since.

This not a winning formula and will cost Democrats dearly in 2018.  They have even witnessed their carefully nurtured assault on free speech stripped away by Trump’s willingness to ignore the constraints of political correctness.

Trump, through energy and will, appears to be moving forward for the American people on a daily basis while the Dems are bringing nothing but invective to the debate.

The president has consistently outmaneuvered Dems who would be even less popular than they are if the mainstream media had even a modicum of integrity.

Trump’s gets two grades for his handling of the Dems:

  • A+ for using the Dems’ strategy against them that has him looking like the only adult in Washington.  Dems have thrown everything at him including charging him with being a Russian operative and they are now looking like complete loons.
  • Incomplete for actually fulfilling his promise to “Drain the Swamp.”  We will not know for some time if Trump has any intention of bringing charges against Washington’s corrupt elite.  Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions who will be the one to make the decision to investigate and prosecute wasn’t confirmed until February 8th and currently has his hands full with more pressing issues restoring law and order to our government institutions, to our borders, and to the streets.