Here Are One Hundred Or So Clinton Associates Who Died Suspiciously. We Don’t Know If It’s A Complete List

Elder Patriot – Suspicions have always swirled around the untimely deaths of Bill and Hillary’s associates.  Some were murdered, some were said to have committed suicide, some died of (un?)natural causes.  

The thing is there are a lot of them.  That in itself raises suspicions. Most crime bosses haven’t been associated with this long a trail of dead bodies.  If any.

Disclaimer: We did not verify the accuracy of these lists.

Here’s a link to another webpage, The Clinton Body Count

Many of the names are repeated but a significant number are new.

There’s so many people associated with the Clintons that wound up dead, someone even created a page called  Here a list from that page.

And, a page called “What Really Happened

There’s gotta be more than a hundred names on those lists when their properly combined.  And, those lists are dated. The murder of Seth Rich has still never been satisfactorily explained, among a number of others.

The bottom line is no one knows whether the Clintons’ associates just have bad luck or something.  No one except a man named Larry Nichols who claimed to be the Clintons’ hitman before he found God:

These lists are presented for informational purposes.  You are encouraged to do your own research and to draw your own conclusions.

We found the large number of associates who wound up prematurely dead to be… odd.