One Conclusion Only: Those Blocking Declassification are Criminals Protecting Criminals

Elder Patriot – It would be difficult for anyone to argue that we are in unique times.  America is split between believing President Trump colluded with the Kremlin to seize control of the White House and then used his Article II powers to obstruct the subsequent investigation and those who believe that President Trump is a selfless patriot who is facing the wrath of a Deep State cabal situated within the executive branch of government.

It is inarguable that the Constitution of the United States vests all executive power in the president.  The power to order the declassification of classified information is unquestionably within the president’s authority.  

However, there seems to be no precedent for taking such an action and that is what President Trump is weighing right now.

President Trump’s preferred legal team has, through a series of schemes, been removed from supporting him on this issue.

We all know that Jeff Sessions recused himself in this matter.  What is less widely known and not reported by the corrupt mainstream media was revealed by Politico on June 13, 2018:

White House counsel Don McGahn recused his entire staff last summer from working on the Russia investigation because many of his office’s lawyers played significant roles in key episodes at the center of the probe, former White House attorney Ty Cobb said on Wednesday.

McGahn made the decision to halt his staff’s interactions with Special Counsel Robert Mueller because many of his own attorneys “had been significant participants” surrounding the firings of national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James Comey, Cobb said.

McGahn’s decision was an honorable one but is illustrative of the duplicitous way the Deep State approaches prosecutions when the need to protect its interests are at play.

By McGahn’s standards, Rod Rosenstein should have also recused himself immediately upon his appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, or before.

Once Rosenstein sent the letter to President Trump recommending the firing of FBI Director James Comey he became a witness.  His position as a witness was cemented after it was learned that he had signed the FISA application(s) that relied of an “unverified” and since discredited dossier for its the central piece of evidence.

It was Comey who used the word “unverified” to describe the dossier to Congress months prior to Rosenstein signing off on recycling it in renewal applications to the FISC.

The level of corruption within the executive branch of government may, or may not, be at unprecedented levels but the public’s awareness of that corruption is.

We are clearly living in unprecedented times and unprecedented times demand unprecedented, and necessarily legal actions.

It is within President Trump’s constitutional authority to declassify these documents and any suggestion that by doing so he will set dangerous precedent for the future deliberately obscures the fact that we are already enmeshed in a constitutional crisis.

What else would you call it when unelected persons within the executive apparatus, appointed by, or associated with, corrupt former administration(s), work against the peoples’ duly elected president?

Essentially, we are watching what happens when holdovers from previously corrupt administrations work against a president who is intent on ending the elites criminal conspiracy to enrich themselves at the expense of everyday Americans.

As we’ve noted in the past, there are literally trillions – perhaps tens of trillions of dollars in downstream benefits to those who control the government.

Percent Share of Global Wealth

A president who attempts to return that money to the American people not only threatens that annual windfall to the elites, but the process necessarily exposes those guilty of running the scam previously.

President Trump already knows what’s contained in the documents that he will order be declassified.  If they do damage to methods or sources (not likely) so be it. It’s the price we must pay to root out the corruption within government agencies that no longer serve the will, or for the benefit, of the people.

Until their recent lurch towards supporting censorship, the American left was all about transparency in government.  

President Trump, it’s time to give them that transparency so we the people can decide who deserves to be trusted with future power.