It’s Official … The Saints Were Warned & Didn’t Listen, Now They Are Paying The Ultimate Price …

Elder Patriot – “Show me the money” was a line made famous in a Tom Cruise movie about NFL players.  The threat of seeing the fountain of wealth run dry is just as much a motivator to NFL fatcats.

If Thursday night’s NFL game was any indication the message from the league’s fans has been received loud and clear.

Every player stood and showed proper reverence to our flag during the playing our national anthem.  Considering the players’ penchant for lying about why they kneeled in the first place we’ll have to wait to see if this lasts.

Players have been outright lying about their support of Kaepernick not being about the flag:

It’s always been about sowing the seeds of unrest, disrespecting the flag and the country it stands for as his original statement to flat out said from the very beginning.  Just for reference this was well before Donald Trump ever was elected.  He, and everyone else were living in Obama’s America at that time.

So, what caused the abrupt “cave” by the NFL and its players?  Try this for a reason every spoiled, highly paid person can get his head around – money, the prospect of losing gobs and gobs of it.

The New Orleans Saints alone were faced with losing almost $400 million is sweetheart leases, tax subsidies, and through other government cronyism all at the taxpayers’ expense.

Less than a day after Saints players kneeled for the playing of the Anthem, Lousiana State Rep. Kenny Havard threatened legislation to cut millions in state tax dollars, exemptions, and credits allocated to the New Orleans Saints, the NFL and any groups’ associated with the Saints that receives funding.

While Havard wasn’t specific, Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson wasset to rake in an estimated $392 million from state subsidies through 2025,” according to a 2013 Forbes story:

“Four years ago, he [Benson] negotiated one of the most complex — and lucrative — stadium lease agreements in the NFL, adding to his fortune as his team was [already] bringing in estimated yearly profits of $31 million. Over 15 years, the term of the lease, the state will pay Benson at least $198 million in increased revenue from the Superdome, $142 million in rental payments on property Benson owns, $10 million in bonuses for bringing the Super Bowl to New Orleans and $2.6 million in tax breaks. Benson will get another $40 million from private rent payments to a tower he bought as part of the deal.”

Even to the NFL’s billionaire owners, that’s not chump change.  If it got Benson’s attention you can be sure he brought it to the attention of his highly paid players who were suddenly confronted with choosing between protecting their life of privilege or perpetuating the myth of racially motivated police brutality.

Peter Kirsanow, an attorney and member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, literally debunked the entire myth of police brutality towards blacks in less than five minutes using facts, and, nothing but facts.

It appears Havard got his point across but not before stating what the rest of us are thinking:

“Disrespecting our national anthem and flag in the name of social injustice is the highest form of hypocrisy.  Our free society made possible by our fighting men and women has made available free education, free lunch, housing and free healthcare and is now be considered socially unjust.  It is time the taxpayers quit subsidizing protest on big boy playgrounds. I believe in the right to protest but not at a taxpayer-subsidized sporting event. Do it on your own time. There are plenty of disabled children, elderly and veterans in this state that would appreciate the money.”