Ocasio-Cortez Unmasked: “Illegal Aliens Are My Constituents”

Elder Patriot | During a House Oversight Committee hearing on Thursday, radical leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez openly admitted that she considers illegal aliens her constituents.

AOC’s slip came during her questioning of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross who is responsible for the questions on the 2020 census.  She focused her questions on what she views as the absolute legal necessity to count illegal aliens in the census without distinguished them from the general population of citizens.

“Mr Kovach later sent an email to you on July 14th, writing that the lack of a citizenship question “leads to the problem that aliens who do not actually reside in the United States are still counted for congressional apportionment.”

“Of course they do reside in the the United States.  They reside in my district.  They’re my constituents.”

To AOC it is blasphemous to deny U.S. taxpayers hard-earned money to anyone who has broken our immigration laws and now seeks to feed at the government teat.

Or, an illegal alien who has taken a job that a citizen could have filled and that left the citizen in need of government assistance.

Of even greater importance to Ocasio-Cortez is her very existence as a member of Congress.

With an estimated 20-30 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, and each congressional district allocated on approximately 750,000 residents, if the Trump administration is successful in defining apportionment according to citizenship status alone, it could spell the loss of at least 40 Democrat congressional seats after the drawing of new congressional districts.

This is how the Democrats have wrested power away from American citizens.

Ocasio-Cortez then did what she has become famous for, she used her question and answer time to fashion a sound bite by misrepresenting the truth.

She discounted the fact that citizenship questions like the one that Secretary Ross is trying to get reinstated have been used in the past.  AOC contended that because the citizenship question was a material change congress had to be notified.

But, it wasn’t materially different from the 1950 census that she used as her point of reference.  That form asked where each person was born and in a follow-up question asked, “If foreign born — Is he naturalized?”

Here’s the question that Commerce Secretary Ross has proposed adding to the 2020 census that has Democrats in an uproar:

The end result of the information gleaned from either question would reveal the number of illegal aliens residing in the United States and any district therein.

Admittedly, the country was vastly different in 1950 but the unfettered surge in illegal immigrants since 1964 has only made it more important to know the composition of our populace if government is to be administered properly.

In view of today’s immigration crisis, it may be the most important question that will be asked in 2020.